By Ely Schosek
Student Reporter

Students are not always recognized for their grades, athletic achievements or efforts in and out of the classroom, but recently Springville-Griffith Institute honored over 100 students for these very reasons.
On Thursday, June 6, select students were invited to an awards ceremony with their parents where they would receive their awards and some even earned scholarships.
This event has taken place for 41 years, according to Judy Wilson, an office secretary at the high school who handles the majority of the planning for the ceremony.
Overall, there are many different categories of awards, some of which include: academics and leadership; outstanding scholars and athletes; and community all-stars.
Other awards include but are not limited to outstanding achievements in areas such as foreign languages, technology, history, English, math and science. A few students even received national music awards.
The principal’s award was started by a teacher who retired last year and was given to the group of students who help out with recycling around the school.
Athletic awards were given to school record breakers and students who competed at the state level. An award was given to one male and one female senior athlete for their outstanding achievements and personalities on and off the field.
Numerous college awards were given for scholarship money to attend their schools along with, military outstanding scholar and athlete awards.
“The recipients are chosen by counselors, principals and teachers,” Wilson said. “Some are based on applications students fill out.”
Wilson said the planning entails emailing back colleges of students selected for awards, reaching out to local participants for reward checks and attendance at program, gathering of info from all the teachers with regards to their departments selections of recipients of their awards. “Students who are chosen are sent out an invitation,” she added. “Certificates have to be done for each recipient along with receiving certificates from outside participants.”
This ceremony is good for the students because they get to see fellow students receiving awards for working hard. The event is unique because it is “a chance for SGI students, community members, and parents to see recognition for academics and athletics,” Wilson said.
High School Principal James Bialasik said, “The recipients are chosen by many organizations including, but not limited to, school departments (i.e. Math department, Science department, etc.) Government Officials and the US Military.”
Students do not find out what awards they will be getting until that night, so it adds an element of surprise.
“This is a great event every year which allows us to recognize that students who do a variety of awesome things to make SGI high school such an incredible place,” Bialasik added.
All of the students in attendance were happy to receive their awards and the recognition that goes along with these awards.
It always feels good to have your hard work acknowledged especially in high school. That’s why SGI High School’s Academic Awards Ceremony is a great event for the school to put on for students, parents, and staff members.
See the full list of this year’s awards recipients at