Submitted photo Teachers and staff members at Springville-Griffith High School have their facial hair shaved off by barbers from JP’s Barber Shop at the end of November’s Movember fundraising event.

By Elyana Schosek
Student Reporter

Several male staff members in the Springville-Griffith Institute school district took to sporting mustaches and other facial hair last month for a good cause.
An annual event to raise awareness of various men’s health issues by growing mustaches, Movember takes place across the country each year.
The Movember Foundation is the top global organization regarding their mission to promote men’s health.
This year, the Sports and Entertainment Marketing class at Springville-Griffith High School was in charge of planning the fundraisers associated with Movember.
With the help of their teacher, Eric Holler, a business teacher at the high school, they were able to successfully plan the event.
Thirteen teachers and staff members throughout the district who participated in the event. Each participant was “motivated by donations from students and other teachers,” Grace Zabawa, a student in the Sports Marketing class said.
Participants included Mark Vogel, Nils Wikman, Bob Parsons, Chris Mathewson, Eric Holler, Dave Broom, James Bialasik, Greg Miller, Chris Scarpine, James Velasquez, Rob Valenti and Dave Yates. The top fundraiser was Bob Parsons, who raised a total of $1,070.
In total, the event raised $2,565 online and $760 through in school and community fundraising.
“The money was raised by donations, Movember T-shirt sales and mustache cookie sales,” Zabawa said. The Sports Marketing class, specifically Eric Pruitt, designed the Movember T-shirt sales.
At the beginning of the month, the participants shaved their faces clean for the month-long event. When the beginning of December came around, JP’s Barber Shop, in Springville, volunteered their time for the shave off.
“Main Street Pizzeria, Dilly Dallies and Jake’s Greenhouse donated prizes for the top fundraiser,” said Zabawa.
The Movember Foundation has been in operation since 2004. Overall, the purpose of the foundation is to increase early cancer detection, diagnosis and effective treatments, thus, reducing the number of overall preventable deaths. The Movember Foundation encourages men to maintain a healthy lifestyle and know their family’s history of cancer.
The students in the Sports Marketing class had been planning and organizing all aspects of the Movember fundraising since about the beginning of October.
Throughout their planning, the students had to call different companies to see if they would be interested in helping out or participating in the fundraiser.
They also had to create posters and make videos to “spread the news about Movember to teachers and students,” Pruitt added. As November got closer, they began to get more people involved.
At the start of the process, the same assignment was given to everyone in the class, but as time went on, they began to work together to accomplish specific tasks.
“To set up for Movember, we had to go through the Movember Foundation and create a fundraising team,” said Max Schwabel, a student in the Sports Marketing class.
Grace Turner, another student in the class, said, “We created a big data sheet to keep track of how much people raised and throughout the month we had to look at the amount people had donated online or even just cash students brought in, then we’d update the sheet.”
“One of the big things that we did was plan for a dance that we called Stache Bash. However, that did not work out as we just missed the mark on the amount of tickets sold,” Eric Pruitt said.
When asked why he chose to take Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Pruitt said, “I heard great things about the class and witnessed many fun things they did during halftime shows of football games and the other events and fundraisers they were apart of.”
“Organization and planning was required in order to set up the fundraiser and keep the event running smooth all month,” Schwabel added.
The students in the class said they really enjoyed the fact that they can have a lot of fun while still learning, thanks to their teacher, Mr. Holler.
“I really like Mr. Holler,” Max said.
“I was intrigued to have another class with one of my favorite teachers, Mr. Holler,” Pruitt added.
“I also like it because it makes me more comfortable talking to people I don’t know and helps me get better at presenting things,” Schwabel said.
Overall, Mr. Holler and students said they feel that they had great results for the Movember fundraiser, even though they had a few setbacks along the way.
They would like to thank JP’s Barber Shop, Main Street Pizzeria, Dilly Dallies and Jake’s Greenhouse for their support and contributions to the event.