By Derek M. Otto

The regular meeting of the village of Springville was held on Monday, July 10. Trustees Robert Moriarty, Terry Skelton and Officer-in-Charge of the Springville Police were not present.

In the village administrators report, Liz Melock asked the board to approve $2,420 in budget transfers to close out the fiscal year ending June 30.  She asked the board to approve the advertising for bids for the CDBG project that close on  Aug. 7 at 2 p.m. The project is for water main replacement on Franklin and Church Streets. Melock then asked the board to approve the preliminary spending for the TAP grant. TAP grant monies will be used to better improve pedestrian and bicycle traffic in the village between parks and schools. Eighty percent of the grant is provided with Federal Funds and the other twenty percent comes from the Village.  Melock asked the board to approve the resignation for the caretaker, Lester Dunn.  The job is a part-time job and has been posted on the village website. She reported two correction petitions for corrections on tax bills.  The board moved to approve the annual village wide garage sale Aug. 2-5.  Participants are asked to get a garage sale permit and register at the Trading Post. A small donation is asked for being put on the map handed out to people.

Superintendent of Public Works Ken Kostnowiak reported that chipping oiling of village streets was rescheduled for July 11 and 12.  Residents on streets being chipped were notified door to door.  Work on the Heritage Park is moving along, restrooms are installed and details of maintenance are being vetted out.  Work on the crosswalks along Franklin Street is about eighty percent complete. He asked the board to approve the hiring of Amanda Reichert to replace another summer hire that is leaving.  Kostnowiak noted that the parking lot at 65 Franklin Street will repaved on Thursday, July 13.

In Nick Budney’s absence, Liz Melock read the police report.  Springville PD responded to 492 calls with 49 patrol shifts in June.  Policing has gone up 53 percent since the same time last year.  Erie County Sheriffs office responded to 485 calls in June.

David Klenk reported that the fire company has been busy and that standing by for fireworks was one of their added duties for the month of July.  They will be on standby for fireworks at the All Class Reunion July 21 at Fireman’s Park.  The first annual Fire department car show will be held at Fireman’s Park on July 29. Alan Chamberlain reported that there were 155 emergency calls at the control center.   

In new business, Seth Wochensky of the Springville Center of the Arts presented two resolutions to the board for grant applications. The applications were for a grant to NYS Parks for the acquisition of the former Baptist parsonage on Buffalo Street.  The house and property are currently used for special events at the SCA.  The other grant is a larger grant that will allow for the final stages of the renovations of the former Baptist Church.  The next would be the construction of the accessible entrance and work on the theater space.   

Mayor Krebs notified the board that David Guadagna submitted a letter of resignation on the Zoning Board of Appeals. At this time, the village has two vacancies on the board.

During Trustee reports, Alan Chamberlain stated that he was impressed at the turnout at the master plan for the Town of Concord on June 27.  He noted he was happy with the millings on the Rail to Trails trail.  The millings make traveling the trail much easier.   

Nils Wikman was impressed with the process of the archeologist focusing on the new Emerling Dealership on Cascade Drive.

Krebs noted that Erie County will be having meetings on the tax saving plan.  The plan is to combine services with different municipalities in a way to reduce spending by sharing. County Executive Mark Poloncarz will present how to consolidate different services.  There will be meeting at ECC South on July 19 at 5:30 p.m.  He also noted that Charter Communications has approached the village to start negotiating for a cable franchise in the village.  He noted that the current contract doesn’t end until May 2020.

The next meeting of the Village Board is scheduled for Aug. 14 at 7 p.m., 65 Franklin Street.