By Caitlin Croft

U14 State Championships were held locally at HoliMont Ski Club in Ellicottville. Races were held over three days starting with a Super-G, Giant Slalom and ending it with Slalom.

U14 Girls: Emily Kloc (BSC) took 35th and Lillian Rauch (BSC) 49th.
U14 Boys: Garrett Goetz (KB) finished 5th and Drew Foley (KB) 45th.

Giant Slalom
U14 Girls: Lillian Rauch (BSC) took 20th and Emily Kloc (BSC) 46th.
U14 Boys: Drew Foley (KB) took 43rd.

U14 Girls: Emily Kloc (BSC) finished 25th.
U14 Boys: Garrett Goetz (KB) took home the gold medal as State Champion of Slalom. Drew Foley (KB) finished 29th.
Moving on to Eastern Championships is Garrett Goetz.

Junior Alpine Races held at Holiday Valley
U12/10/8 Junior Alpine Racers gathered at Holiday Valley on Feb. 29 for their final event before the Kandahar Series. This race was two runs of Giant Slalom combined for an overall result.

U12 Results
U12 Girls: Mary Doyle of Buffalo Ski Club took home gold. Abigail Duff (KB) finished 8th and Grace Keyhani (HO) 10th.
U12 Boys: Zack Benczkowski (BSC) finished 7th, Wyatt Van Tine (KB) 12th, Owen Gray (BSC) 16th, Declan Gradwell (BSC) 17th, Rainer Aubrecht (BSC) 19th, Luke Wright (KB) 20th, Nathan Zanner (KB) 22nd, Jack Shainbrown (BSC) 23rd, Cooper Rung (BSC) 24th, Thatcher Held (BSC) 25th, Collin Schaller (BSC) 27th and Quinn Spurlock (BSC) 28th.

U10 Results
U10 Girls: Ella Gray (BSC) took home the silver medal and finished in an impressive 11th overall. Farrah Keyhani (KB) placed 6th, Kelsey Duff (KB) 12th and Teagan Masterson (KB) 14th.
U10 Boys: Patrick Doyle (BSC) took home silver and finished in 8th overall. Jeffrey Gilbert (KB) placed 9th.

U8 Results
U8 Girls: Carly Duff (KB) finished with the silver medal followed by teammate Piper Masterson with the bronze. Emma Sivic (BSC) took 7th.
U8 Boys: Maximus Van Tine (BSC) walked away with the silver medal.
Tune in next week for Kandahar Festival Race Results.