Submitted photo Members of the Springville-Griffith Community Education Foundation present a check for $15,000 to the SGI Board of Education to be used for buying a piano for the music department.


By Elyana Schosek, Student Reporter

Throughout the month of November, fundraisers are commonplace in most towns and cities. Springville is no exception to this.

In the Springville community, a fundraiser took place that raised money for the Springville-Griffith School District to buy a new grand piano.
The Springville-Griffith Community Education Foundation (SGCEF) presented a check for $15,000 at the SGI Board of Education meeting Dec. 4. Five board members and four music department staff members were in attendance to accept the check.

These staff members include Mr. Gervase, the band teacher at the middle and high schools; Mrs. Noeson, chorus teacher at the high school; Mr. Roudebush, orchestra teacher at both the middle and high schools; and Mrs. Cummings, chorus teacher at the middle school.
This is the 11th year in which the SGCEF has been serving this area. Steven Vanuga, a member of the foundation, was in charge of presenting the results of the fundraiser to the SGI Music Department.
“It will be used for many years, we hope, for live performances by the district’s students and enjoyed by all in the community,” Vanuga said.
The Springville-Griffith Community Education Foundation is a group not only dedicated to helping the Springville school district, but also the community.
Every year, SGCEF puts on a wine-tasting which they donate the proceeds of to a non-profit organization. The organization is selected from many submissions, each explaining why they would like the money.

For the annual wine-tasting event, the foundation gathers sponsors who make donations and they also charge admission, which is how they raise the money.
In the past, the foundation has raised money for new uniforms for the middle school marching band, the current sign in front of the high school and even warm-up suits for the football team.
Within the community, SGCEF has collected money for the Historical Society’s Heritage Building, a new roof for the Springville Center for the Arts building, the Rail Trail and digital mammography at the local hospital. The foundation also donated money to Mercy Flight.

They were “instrumental in getting a base here,” said Mary Irish, a former member of the foundation. “We raise money to promote quality of life improvements for the community.”