By Gwendolyn Fruehauf, SGI Student Reporter

Sometimes we want to join a club to get involved and meet new people. There are many clubs open to students; however, Chess Club provides a perfect balance between budding friendships, teamwork, and brain power that takes students on a ride they will never forget.

Chess Club was created last year at the middle school, and has since expanded to include high school students.

Mrs. Janik, a teacher at Springville high school, has run Chess Club since its inception. She said, “I get an opportunity to meet students that I don’t normally work with, and get to know more of the kids.”

“Chess Club is a club for people who just like to play chess or want to learn how to play chess,” Janik said. “Usually when we gather, we might talk about a certain move before we start, and then the kids will break into pairs and play.”

There is a strong emphasis on thought and logic, which is something that is unique to this club. “It’s a challenging game,” Janik explained. “Chess really helps students develop logical thinking and personal skills like watching what you’re doing and what another person’s doing.”

Zach Adamchick is a ninth grader and a returning member of chess club. He commented on the social aspect of chess club saying, “You get to socialize a little bit. It gives me the opportunity to interact with people I wouldn’t normally interact with.”

Adamchick would definitely recommend this club to another student. “It’s fun, and it also helps you learn,” he said.

Janik hopes that someday Springville Chess Club will get the opportunity to play other schools.

Chess Club meets every other Tuesday in the Distance Learning Room on the second floor of the high school. If you are interested in joining, all you have to do is show up. You will be provided with any paperwork at the meeting. The next meeting will be on Oct. 24.