By Caitlin Croft

This past weekend, athletes traveled to Ellicottville for the first U16 Empire Cup Series, hosted by Holiday Valley and HoliMont.

On Saturday, Holiday Valley held a slalom and Sunday, HoliMont put on the Giant Slalom.

Margaret Munschauer of Buffalo Ski Club walked away with her firstza podium of the season, finishing 2nd, and teammate Lauren Meyer finished in 10th. Katie Schlemmer of Kissing Bridge placed 22nd, Julia Farrell (KB) 44th, Olivia Shortt (KB) 52nd, Page Hazen (KB) 56th and Piper Murray (KB) finished 62nd.

For the men, Buffalo Ski Club’s James Rauch finished in 5th place. Jack Schleyer of Kissing Bridge took 23rd, Cole Murray (KB) 53rd, Noah Murray (KB) 54th, and Parker Murray (KB) finished 59th.

At Holiday Valley in the Slalom, Buffalo Ski Club’s Lauren Meyer walked away in 11th. Katie Schlemmer (KB) finished 14th, Page Hazen (KB) 23rd, Madison Dziulko (BSC) 49th and Piper Murray (KB) placed 53rd.

James Rauch of Buffalo Ski Club had his first podium of the season taking the silver medal. Jack Schleyer (KB) finished 18th, Aristotle Ninos (KB) 22nd, Cole Murray (KB) 46th and Ethan Hallet (BSC) placed 47th.

Next week the U16’s are on their home hills training while U14’s gear up for their first race of the season at Labrador and Song Mountain in Central New York. Check back for those results next week!