By Derek M. Otto

There has been a lot of attention given to Springville’s newest restaurant. On Facebook and in conversations, JD’s Brew Pub on Cascade Drive in Springville is the happening place for January 2017.

According to their Facebook page, “JD’s Brew Pub is Springville, NY’s premier craft brewery! Featuring a wide variety of craft beers, a family-friendly atmosphere, entertainment, outdoor seating, and sports on five screens.”    

It’s also a great restaurant with a wide selection of beers; a nice listing wines and cocktails complement the brews.   

On my first visit, I was very impressed with how owners Jeff and Dan Morlok—the J and D in JD’s—converted the once Country Deli and Rayzors into a unique bar and restaurant space. Keeping with the cabin theme, the furnishings are rustic with lots of natural woods.  The tree trunk pedestal tables were my favorite.  The bar is very long and has a comfortable space for meeting friends on a Friday or Saturday night. Behind the bar was a longtime Springville bartender, Regina Hill, who I know will keep the drinks flowing on busy nights.

My server, Melanie, was prompt, courteous and responsive, all great things needed in a great waitress.   She asked if I wanted my “Mad Dog” hot dog burnt, which is a great thing for this area— most people do. I had to ask if they served coffee because that was not listed on the regular menu. But honestly, I don’t think a brew pub is here to serve coffee.

JD’s offers a variety of Pepsi products with free refills for the kids, drivers and nondrinkers.  The servings were generous for the price.   Most sandwiches are served with their own homemade chips. This is not new to Springville, but JD’s chips are really good and a bit thicker than other places, and they were tender crisp and cooked just enough.

The menu offers traditional fare, but also has some in-house specialties such as Tater tumblers, which are mashed potato balls with a great bacon dipping sauce, Mushroom Brie Dip and Potato Skin Splash, just to name a few.

Several people I talked to thought that their chicken wings were great and hope to come back and try Andy’s unique house sauces that he is trying each month.  January’s was a loganberry and blueberry compote with a red wine reduction. Sounds pretty sophisticated for Springville or the chicken wing? They are delicious.

According to my friend Justin Lanphere, who has been there twice since it opened, “The first visit we found it overcrowded and service was slow.” This was a common complaint. To me that’s a great indication of the need for such a place. Justin said that the second visit was much better.  “The food was great! I had the tater tumblers and the Heat Wave burger; both were very good. If you can stand the heat, it’s a great combination of flavors.”

The next time I go, I want to take several friends to order a variety of appetizers.  To me, it seems the best way to be able to try a variety of offerings like the cabin breads, which are flat breads with a variety of toppings.  I hear the not-so- sloppy Joe is great too!

Prices are comparable to chain restaurants, but the portion size is very generous.

According to my server, they have been very busy with snowmobile traffic.  I was happy to hear that.  It has been a long time since Springville has had a restaurant close to the trails.

The full menu and wine/beer list is available on their Facebook page at and at

JD’s hours are easy enough to remember: Tuesday– through Sunday, 11 a.m. to 12 a.m.