By Rich Place

A unique new event set to take place later this month will help raise funds for the Bread of Life Outreach (BOLO) — and it’ll be highlighted by a silent auction for one-of-a-kind artisan decorated chairs.

Called Seats for Eats, the event is scheduled for 6 to 9 p.m. Tuesday, April 24 at the Colden Fire Hall at 8448 Gutekunst Road.

“This event promises to be a lot of fun, first of all,” explained Corin Scharlock, marketing director with BOLO. “Having the room decorated with these decorated chairs will sort of serve as a conversation piece and an ice breaker. It’ll be a great opportunity for folks to come out and meet their neighbors.”

In addition to the silent auction for the decorated chairs, Seats for Eats will also featured a wine draw, live music and local emcee Dale Mussen of WRYK fame. A $25 ticket includes food, wine and beer provided by local restaurants and breweries.

All proceeds benefit BOLO, a non-profit organization that operates a food pantry, thrift shop and farmer’s market in downtown Colden. Scharlock said last year BOLO provided food for over 31,000 meals.

The organization also recently acquired the former Colden Country Store at the corner of Routes 240 and Heath Road and plans continue with the hope of having it open later this year under a new name: Cherry Picker.

“The store is going to offer home furnishings and decor,” Scharlock said. “It’s still set to open during the second half of 2018.”

The Seats for Eats is a first of its kind fundraiser for BOLO, but the organization is certainly no stranger to fundraisers over its nearly 10-year history.

Scharlock said the organization also hosts events like its annual Christmas tea, rummage sale and raffle drawings.

“That being said, this is definitely going to be significant for us,” she said about the Seats for Eats event. “We are looking to sell 200 or more tickets with all proceeds going right back into the organization.”

BOLO is run entirely by volunteers, she stressed, so proceeds support the organization’s efforts like the food pantry and other programs without a portion going to salaries.

Having a silent auction for decorated chairs is certainly unique, and Scharlock said so far there is a lot of momentum already going into the event in hopes of making it a success not only for BOLO but also for the entire Colden community.

“I think first and foremost (the event’s success is) getting the community together and offering an event where people can visit with each other and enjoy each other’s company,” she said. “Also, attendance and making sure we have good participation (is important).

“But going in — if we put attendance aside — we can already call it a success because we’ve gotten such wonderful and generous sponsorships from restaurants and breweries that have signed up. And, of course, the team working behind the scenes pulling it all together has worked hard on making it well known to the community this is taking place.”

In addition to its food pantry, BOLO also operates Gabriel’s Closest Thrift Shop and Colden Community Farmers’ Market in addition to the upcoming Cherry Picker retail shop planned for later this year.

Tickets for Seats for Eats are $25 and can be purchased by visit BOLO, the Colden Market & Cafe or by calling (716) 462-2930.