By Alicia Dziak

After graduation, some SGI students stay right in Springville, and others may head out of town for a while, only to return later to raise their families. Some may move to another WNY community or even out of state, and still others might end up on an entirely different continent at some point, as is the case with 2010 SGI graduate and salutatorian Nathan Grieser.

Upon high school graduation, Grieser headed to Ohio Northern University, where he earned his undergraduate degree in physics and mathematics, with a focus in secondary level teaching.  He finished there in 2013, then taught as a substitute at both SGI and Holland for a year, while working part time with SASI.  From there, he started his graduate studies at the University of Oklahoma in physics, with a focus in High Energy experiments.

“After completing coursework at OU, I was given the opportunity to continue my research by working on data analysis at the LHC in Geneva, Switzerland,” Grieser explained. “I’ve currently been here for six months, and plan to spend another year and a half working on my thesis research.”

Grieser said that he would like to continue in full-time high energy physics research, specifically in the search for existing fundamental particles.  “To do this, the general career path will be a tenured professorship at a research university following the completion of my thesis,” he said. “I am also open to looking at using my software development and data analysis skills that I’ve learned in HEP research in industry, primarily finance.”

While in Oklahoma, Grieser and his wife and son were able to make it back to Springville to visit family about once a year, but said he probably won’t be able to return until after his trip abroad.  He said what he misses most about Springville is Julie’s, noting that, “Nothing compares to western New York pizza and wings!”

Of his time spent at SGI, Grieser said athletics were a big component of his time there. “I miss wrestling and playing soccer, and my coaches Mike Darling and Bill Cocca,” he said.  “As for academics, my Calculus and Physics teachers, Greg Janish and Dorothy Cott, had a big impact on my career path, and I am extremely grateful for the challenges they placed before me to encourage me to succeed.”