During Thursday’s session, the Erie County Legislature introduced a proclamation recognizing October ‘National Bullying Prevention Month’ in Erie County.

“Unfortunately, bullying happens everywhere,” said Legislator John Mills. “Those who bully, whether they target victims physically or online, must be held accountable for their actions. It’s important for parents, teachers, lawmakers and the entire community to come together for the safety of our children.”

“With the rise in cyber-bullying, anti-bullying efforts are important now more than ever,” said Legislator Lynne Dixon. “Children deserve to feel safe in any situation. Recognizing bullying prevention month is a way to draw awareness to this important issue and put a stop to bullying before it happens.”

“It is important to emphasize the importance of bullying prevention,” said Legislator Joe Lorigo. “In many situations, victims are not connected with the proper resources until after bullying takes place. This month, I urge everyone to speak out against bullying in hopes we can protect our children and eliminate this kind of unacceptable behavior.”

For more information on bullying prevention efforts, visit stopbullying.gov. or contact the WNY Anti-Bully Project at support@antibullyproject.org.