Press photo by Sam Wilson
Spencer Cornelius (left) of Bradford, Pa. and Sam Hyman of Arcade hold their Division I boys runner-up and winner trophies, respectively, after Week 2 of the Penn-York Junior Golf League at Elkdale Country Club in Salamanca.

By Sam Wilson

A year later, the result was the same in Penn-York’s annual stop at Elkdale Country Club, with Sam Hyman atop the oldest boys division.
Hyman, a recent graduate from Pioneer Central School, repeated as the Elkdale Div. I winner on the Penn-York Junior Golf League’s second tournament of the summer. He carded a 72, defeating Spencer Cornelius and Connor Alfieri, who both shot 73.
In three years of P-Y golf, Hyman claimed two firsts and a second at Elkdale.
“I do like the course,” Hyman said. “I knew that coming in.
“I like the greens a lot. I usually putt well here. It takes a couple of holes to get going, but the greens generally go well with me. I had that going today. I had a lot of greens in regulation today, which helped.”
Hyman, an Arcade native from Holland Hills Golf Course, birdied No. 18 to clinch his win.
“I asked Connor coming into the 18th hole,” Hyman said. “I had just got my approach onto the green and I’m asking how he shot today and he told me he shot 73 and I knew I needed to make the putt right there to win it.
“I was very happy,” he added of his 72 score. “I used the driver once today. It was 3 wood and hybrid the whole day otherwise.”
Hyman said he enjoys Penn-York, returning for a third year, for a variety of reasons.
“The friendships are pretty awesome,” he said. “I’ve met (other golfers), Connor especially, someone I wouldn’t have met before, and a lot of the kids from Blueberry Hills down in Pennsylvania. A lot of those kids you don’t get a chance to meet and it’s a unique way to come together and play golf and there’s a lot of good competition. It’s affordable, which is really nice. I don’t generally play in a lot of tournaments for that reason, but this is really a nice opportunity for a lot of people. My brother’s played in it too, so it’s very good.”
Cornelius and Alfieri, last week’s winner at Cardinal Hills in Randolph, then played a playoff with Cornelius, a Bradford native, on top.
“I really didn’t do that good but I somehow managed it out and fought for a bogey,” Cornelius said of the playoff.
“The course was in pretty good condition,” he added of the round. “I just struggled to make a few pars on the back nine or else my score could have been a little better, but I’m still happy.”

— Elyse Godding, of Bradford (Pine Acres), repeated as the girls’ Division I winner with an 84, taking the trophy by a 10-stroke margin in the age 14-18, 18-hole division. In the girls Division III, Avery Salvaggio of Jamestown (Cardinal Hills) won with a 52, edging out last week’s champion, Emma Edwards, by two strokes.

— A pair of brothers, Cole and Ryan Lechner of Allegany, won Divisions II and III. Cole took Div. II (18 holes, ages 14-15) with an 81 for his first Penn-York victory. Ryan won Div. III (9 holes, ages 12-13) with a 41, repeating after winning at Cardinal Hills.
Cole Lechner said he and his brother have both golfed since age six.
“I just like the competition really,” he said of playing Penn-York. “It’s just good to get juniors involved in the game and it’s just a fun sport, really.”
Cole thought he could have finished a few holes better, but liked his round overall.
“I thought I could have hit it off the tee better,” he said. “I hit my irons well, but if I would have finished around the greens a little better, I probably could have been in the 70s, but I was satisfied all around.”
Jarrett Pond of Salamanca (Elkdale) finished second in Division II for the second time, carding an 83.
Tyler Salvaggio (Cardinal Hills) was the Division III runner-up with a 48.

— Jackson Marsh, of Frewsburg (Cable Hollow), won Division IV (boys 11-under), shooting 47 from the modified tees. He won a playoff over Alex Schott (Coudersport), who also had a 47.

— Next week, Penn-York moves to Pennhills Country Club in Bradford, Pa. on Monday, July 15.


The top ten from Week 2 at Elkdale:

Division I Boys
Score    Points
1. S. Hyman (HH)    72    10
2. S. Cornelius (PH)    73    9
3. C. Alfieri (Smeth)    73    8
4. Z. Zameroski (LM)    76    7
5. M. Davis (Bar)    80    5.5
5. S. Campbell (Bar)    80    5.5
7. B. Burton (HH    85    3.5
7. E. Christoff (LM)    85    3.5
9. C. Salvaggio (CH)    86    2
10. B. Morrison (CH)    87    .5
10. M. Lonto (ELK)    87    .5

Division II Boys
1. C. Lechner (BAR)    81    10
2. J. Pond (Elk)    83    9
3. K. McClain (BAR)    84    8
4. M. Bizzak (Kane)    89    7
5. T. Sitt (BAR)    94    5.5
5. D. Brokaw (PH)    94    5.5
7. M. DeLong (Bona)    95    4
8. J. Owen (BR)    99    3
9. D. Henzel (BAR)    101    2
10. D. Peterson (LM)    102    1

Division III Boys (9 holes)
1. R. Lechner (BAR)    41    10
2. T. Salvaggio (CH)    48    9
3. M. Brinsky (PH)    55    7.5
3. C. Strade (Bona)    55    7.5
5. K. Padlo (BR)    56    6
7. C. Brainard (CH)    58    4.5
7. E. Bailey (Well)    58    4.5
10. C. Brinsky (PH)    65    2
10. D. Smith (PH)    65    2
10. C. Boutillette (BAR)    65    2

Division IV Boys (9 holes, modified)
1. J. Marsh (Cable)    47    10
2. A. Schott (COUD)    47    9
3. D. Skaggs (PA)    48    8
4. J. Morrison (CH)    49    6.5
4. O. Wright (CH)    49    6.5
6. C. Davis (CH)    54    5
8. C. Carls (Spring)    56    3.5
8. J. Mest (Bonas)    56    3.5
9. L. Johnson (Bonas)    58    2
10. D. Myers (BAR)    59    1

Division I Girls (18 Holes)
1. E. Godding (PA)    84    10
2. K. Kline  (Unatt)    94    9
3. J. Corey (MOON)    109    8
4. J. Stockwell (MOON)    110    7
5. S. Pillitieri (MOON)    114    6
6. L. Salvaggio (CH)    118    5
7. I. Palermo (MOON)    128    4
8. O. Schott (Coud)    142    3

Division III Girls (9 Holes)
1. A. Salvaggio (CH)    52    10
2. E. Edwards (Bona)    54    9
3. R. Thompson (BOL)    60    8
4. S. Cornelius (PA)    62    7
5. A. Hirlman (BR)    66    6
6. K. Crawford (Bona)    67    5
7. N. Ecklof (MOON)    71    4