Photos by Elyana Schosek
Students in the Tech I class at Springville High School test out one of their recent projects, mousetrap cars, in the halls at school.

By Elyana Schosek

Student Reporter

Last week was an introduction to some of the students in this year’s Tech I class at Springville High School and a few of the projects they’ve done, as well as why they chose to take the class and their favorite projects.

Those students also talked about the best part of the class, what makes it unique from other classes and what they’re currently working on.

The structure of the class is unique in that, “Every project we work with partners which gives us more and better ideas while working on the projects,” said Eric Copeland.

Jared Hecht added that the best part was “to be able to work as a team with people and turn the ideas into finished projects with them.”

“Most of the students who take this class enjoy hands on problem solving and a bit of competition,” said Mr. Shelley, who teaches the class.

When asked to pick their favorite project, it took some time to make a decision because of the sheer number of projects they have done up to this point.

Ben Sullivan and Will Guilmain both said that their favorite project would have to be the “marble mover.” Ben said he chose this one because “there were a lot of details and thought that had to be put into it. We also had to make a lot of adjustments so that everything worked properly together.”

He continued in saying, “We had to make several moving parts that linked back to one manual moving part, such as a hand crank and so we had to create it in such a way that all the moving parts worked together.”

Will’s reasoning was that, “Everyone in the group has a job to do, and when you piece everything together it’s super satisfying to see it work.”

Ethan Fisher said that the best part of the class is every time they finish a project and get to test it out.

Similarly, Ben mentioned the best thing to be “problem solving and seeing the final outcome.” “Learning new skills and working with different kinds of people,” Will added.

Daniel Gernatt said, “Getting to use different programs and stuff like the laser and the 3D printer” was the best part.

Josh Beres said, “Taking your ideas and designs and making them a reality along with getting the knowledge and learning how to accomplish your goals”.

Currently, the class is working on various projects for Tech Wars, a competition where middle and high school students in the area can come together to compete.

“We’re doing our Tech Wars project. Most are building a mousetrap car, some are doing catapults or robots. I’m building a bridge,” Will explained.

Jared, Eric, Ethan, Daniel and Josh are all “currently building a mousetrap car and designing it to travel the furthest distance possible,” as Josh explained. Eric added that they intend to take it to Tech Wars to see how it does in a competition against kids from other schools.

Other projects being prepared for Tech Wars are a remote control car by Ben and a catapult by Daniel.

There are many reasons why this is a unique class but here are just a few according to the kids taking it.

“The hands on learning aspect of it and the freedom you have to pick the way you want your projects,” said Jared.

“Instead of doing work and writing papers all the time, it teaches you problem solving skills, and how to work with a group,” added Will.

Ben said, “The teacher is just there to guide and help out when needed but you decide what you’re doing on your own for the most part.”

Similarly, Daniel referenced “the freedom of getting to choose how you do your project.”

Ethan noted that “on every project, the teacher will let you fail as a learning experience for why you failed.”

Josh described the class as a “great learning experience for students willing to learn about technology and have a great teacher to teach you.”