Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter with the intention of informing our community that our beautiful town has an area designated for skateboarders, bicyclers and scootering. As a BMX rider and parent of a BMX rider, I feel that having an updated facility in our town is beneficial to the community.

There are many kids who go to this location on a regular basis where they can develop skills, make friends and have a hobby that is both healthy and social. Opportunities for activities like this are becoming fewer yet are as important as ever. We are fortunate to already have a town designated area at a safe location next to the police station.

An exciting opportunity that has recently been presented is that there are foundations who are giving grants for towns like ours to put in place a professionally designed concrete skate park that would be better built and safer than what we have available. I would like to ask the people of our community to provide support for putting in a state of the art skate and bicycle park.

If you have never been to the park it is located 65 Franklin St. and is open to the public. It is a great place for people to both participate in improving their bicycling, rollerblading or skating skills or to just relax and spectate as it is a beautiful park.

Please keep your eyes open for more information as progress is made and thank you for supporting an activity that our community can proudly say is multigenerational!

Thank You,

Fred Heary
Springville resident