By Gwendolyn Fruehauf, SGI Student Reporter

Would you like to join a club where you are encouraged to always be creative and use your own ideas? Would you like to join a club where you work together with others, striving for a common goal? Then Yearbook Club is for you.

Yearbook Club usually meets after school on Thursdays in Ms. Kemmerer’s room.

Members work continuously from the beginning of the school year through March to put together a unique high school yearbook. They work with artists at a yearbook company, deciding what the cover will look like, using a variety of templates and tools, choosing different colors and fonts, and deciding whether or not to add or remove pages.

Becca Moriarty, a junior at the high school, is the assistant editor for Yearbook Club. She explained that the main goal of the club is to create a beautiful yearbook that captures all of the memories from the school year.

“I enjoy doing the spirit pages and going through Homecoming week,” Moriarty said, sharing the thing she enjoys most.

But what sets Yearbook apart from other clubs?

Moriarty explained, “[Members] get to come up with the ideas, and create the pages, and do what they want. They get to use a lot of creativity.”

In fact, that’s why Moriarty decided to join Yearbook. “I was looking for a club where I could be creative and use my thoughts to create something that other people would enjoy,” she explained.

The students always have an advisor there, guiding them through the process. However, this does not limit them in their creative journey. They have many opportunities to express and use their own ideas.

Moriarty encourages more students to join Yearbook. “It’s a great club to be in. The people are super nice, and they all work together really well to accomplish a really big goal,” she said. “We’re always open to new people.”

Yearbook Club is currently looking for photos. If you are a high school student, and have any photos of you and your siblings from any summer or fall trips you took, or any creative photos of you and your friends, please submit them to Ms. Kemmerer in a JPEG file. You can see Ms. Kemmerer with any questions.

Editor’s note: Be sure to check your email for yearbook ordering info from Jostens.