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CHBWV Regulatory Strategy Vice President Janice Williams (right) and Brent Blunt, Consultant and Subject Matter Expert on air monitoring and modeling, stands in front of the informational poster at this year’s Waste Management Symposia held in Phoenix, Ariz.

CH2MHILL BWXT West Valley (CHBWV), the Department of Energy Office of Environmental Management’s West Valley Demonstration Project cleanup contractor, received a Blue Ribbon for its Professional Poster Session on Open-Air Demolition Air Monitoring at this year’s Waste Management Symposia.
The Environmental Protection Agency-approved alternative method for emission estimation was used at the West Valley Demonstration Project during the demolition of its Vitrification Facility, which was completed on Sept. 20, 2018.
Air monitors set up around the perimeter and inside the demolition area were successfully used to track and record air data to protect the health and safety of employees, the general public and the environment.
All worksite and perimeter air sample results were below regulatory limits and compliant with the requirements in the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants and the Occupational Radiation Protection Regulations (10 CFR 835).

CHBWV Regulatory Strategy Vice President Janice Williams presented the informational poster on her department’s research, planning and implementation efforts for open-air demolition monitoring at the WVDP site.
Williams’ department, along with subject matter experts and cross-disciplinary team members, developed this innovative monitoring approach from extensive modeling, historical best practices and lessons learned.
This year’s Waste Management Symposia, which also marked the 30th anniversary of Department of Energy Office of Environmental Management, featured exhibits, panel discussions, videos, presentations and poster sessions.
“This was a team effort that involved several months of planning,” Williams said. “I’m proud of this accomplishment on behalf of the WVDP Team. We are committed to performing our work in a safe and environmentally sound manner by implementing safe, innovative and regulatory compliant cleanup practices in everything we do.”