By Elizabeth Riggs

Looking for high-end salon treatments at affordable prices? Springville residents can now look no further than Vanity Esthetics, which officially opened its doors in the Springville 56 East Main Street mini mall (in the space formerly occupied by the Barbershop Soli Deo Gloria) on Friday, March 3.

Vanity Esthetics, which will be offering eyelash extensions, organic skin care, facials, body treatments, waxing, sugaring, and special occasion makeup applications, prides itself on providing top-tier treatments at affordable prices.

Owner Amber Davie has been a resident of the Springville area since the age of 17 and knew the town would be the perfect place to open her own business. After going to school at the Salon Professional Academy in Tonawanda, for Esthetics and to be a Makeup Artist, Davie says running her own business is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

“I’ve always loved beauty and makeup,” Davie said. “It’s always been a huge passion of mine.”

When a spot became available in the Springville mini mall building, Davie said she knew it was the perfect location for her new business.

“I am so excited to be on Main Street. I feel like that’s the ultimate goal—to have this nice location in the middle of everything,” Davie said. “I could not have pictured a better location.”

When Davie first rented the space, it was one wide open room, so she enlisted some help from her husband and father-in-law to make the space more accommodating for her needs.

“The room was very big and open when we first came in. We ended up building a wall in the middle so people feel comfortable coming in to get a facial or have a treatment,” Davie said. “The wall makes it a little quieter, and more private.”

In the renovated space, Davie offers customers a variety of treatments and services amidst a chic, classy setting. Clients can choose from a variety of facials, including skin clearing and age rewind options to help them target specific needs.

“I have a classic facial that anyone can get, as well as others that are catered to skin type,” David said. “I have an age rewind facial geared toward people who are interested in smoothing out fine lines, and a skin clearing facial for people who have more problematic skin and want to work towards clearing that up.”

Davie also offers a variety of waxing and sugaring treatments for any target area, ranging from bikini areas to under arms, and eyebrows to lips. And while many may use waxing for hair removal, Davie says that the benefits of sugaring instead are numerous.

“Sugaring is a more natural form of hair removing. It removes the hair from the follicle. Eventually, it can lead to complete removal of hair,” she said.

Other services include a salt spring body polish, which uses salt from the Dead Sea to exfoliate and improve skin texture, as well as various eyelash extension services. According to Davie, the eyelash services aren’t commonly offered in the area.

“I am going to be doing eyelash extensions, which are new to Springville and new to Southern Tier.”

Davie also specializes in special event make-up applications, for events such as weddings, proms and more. Prices start at $100, and include a pre-wedding consultation and trial run.

Not only is Davie offering higher-end services in the southtowns, she is doing it with organic skin care products that she loves, and ones that are made locally.

“All of my products are all-organic. The best part is they are all made in Buffalo. I am a small business owner, and I really wanted to support other small businesses within mine,” Davie said. “The company is Buffalo Gals and she’s a chemist and she creates all of her own products. I’m obsessed. I didn’t want to use something that I didn’t really feel passionate about.”

Davie will be selling a small assortment of Buffalo Gal products, which are all plant-based, vegan, cruelty free, and created with ethically-sourced ingredients.

“I hope to be a little bit of something different in the southtowns,” Davie said. “My goal is to bring things that are popular in the village to Springville, but also make them affordable for people in a small town. I want to offer the same higher-end services, but for a reasonable price.”

Davie says her first few days in business were full of appointments and encourages the bookings to keep coming.

“I would love to be booked from the minute I walk in until the end of the day,” Davie said. “Walk-ins are great, too. I’m open to anything and everything.”

For more information about Vanity Esthetics or to book an appointment, visit Davie’s website: