By Alicia Dziak

On Monday, Nov. 6, students from Christy Komenda’s high school graphic design class presented their ideas for a Village seal to Springville Officer in Charge Nick Budney and Village Trustee Nils Wikman. Springville currently has no Village seal.

The students met earlier in the year with Lt. Budney about the scope of the project, and Komenda said that afterwards, as a class, they discussed incorporating Springville’s natural resources, history, heart and community into the design.

Each student was tasked at creating a seal that encompassed these things, combining hand drawing and Photoshop. These components clearly meant different things to different students, but some recurring elements, like farming and the water tower, appeared in several of the designs.

The ideas were then presented, with Budney, Wikman and principal James Bialasik giving their feedback.

“Next, we’ll come up with new adaptations to what has been discussed,’ Komenda told her class, noting that as artists, they’d have to fit the perception of what they want to sell to what the client wants to buy.

Revised designs will be developed and the Village Board will decide which one best meets their needs.

Once a final design is selected, it will be used on signage, patches, letterhead and more. Komenda said that all designs, even if not chosen as the official seal, will possibly be used on flags to be hung in the Village. Stay tuned to the Springville Times for the results!