By Caitlin Croft

One of the best events of the year takes place toward the end of the regular season and that is the Kissing Bridge Dual Slalom. Athletes go head to head and the top U14 and U12 racers earn themselves a spot in the Shoot Out and a chance to win a new pair of skis courtesy of Mud, Sweat and Gears in Ellicottville.

Abigail Fisher not only won the race, but was crowned Queen of the Mountain!

U14 Women (birth year 2003 and 2004): Abigail Fischer (KB) 1st, Hannah Goetz (KB) 2nd, Katriana Kivari (KB) 3rd and Ingrid Siudzinski (KB) finished 6th.

U14 Men (birth year 2003 and 2004): Alex Aubrecht of Buffalo Ski Club found the podium finishing 2nd. Wilson Siudzinski (KB) placed 4th followed by teammate Hayden Wible in 6th.

U12 Women (birth year 2005 and 2006): Raegan Kavcic of Buffalo Ski Club finished 6th, Emily Kloc (BSC) 10th and Lillian Rauch finished 13th.

U12 Men (birth year 2005 and 2006): Garret Goetz finished in 5th place, Aidan Nyitrai (BSC) 16th, Eamon Langdon (BSC) 17th, Hannes Aubrecht (BSC) 18th and Kellen Gradwell (BSC) 19th.

U10 Women (birth year 2007 and 2008): Abigail Duff of finished 6th.

U10 Men (birth year 2007 and 2008): Owen Gray of Buffalo Ski Club finished 10th and teammate Gareth Duckham took 13th.

Saturday, the U12/U10/U8 athletes were at Buffalo Ski Club for the final race of the regular season, a Kombi, which is a blend of both Slalom and Giant Slalom size turns.

U12 Women: Buffalo Ski Club’s Raegan Kavcic finished second earning herself a silver medal and Lillian Rauch finished 11th.

U12 Men: Eamon Langdon of Buffalo Ski Club finished 11th, Aidan Nyitrai (BSC) 12th, Hannes Aubrecht (BSC) 13th, Kellen Gradwell (BSC) 14th and Jack Kreuzer (KB) 15th.

U10 Men: Owen Gray of Buffalo Ski Club finished 8th and Joey Hogenkamp of Kissing Bridge took 9th.

The U21/U19/U16 athletes traveled to the always-exciting Lake Placid, NY for the annual Winter Empire State Games. It is a pseudo-Olympics where the athletes get to meet other winter sport enthusiasts and experience an opening ceremony. The races were held at Whiteface, commonly known as “Ice Face.”

Day One Women (Super-G No. 1): Buffalo Ski Club’s Lauren Meyer held her own on this challenging course finishing in 4th place! Page Hazen of Kissing Bridge finished 20th with teammates Katie Schlemmer and Olivia Shortt finishing 43rd and 52nd respectively.

Day One Men (Super-G No. 1): James Rauch of Buffalo Ski Clubs takes 13th place. Brice Shively (KB) finishes 29th, Ethan Hallett (BSC) 31st, Daniel Edick (BSC) 33rd and Christian Meyer (BSC) 35th.

Day One Women (Super-G No. 2): Page Hazen (KB) finishes 26th followed immediately by Lauren Meyer (BSC) in 27th.  Katie Schlemmer (KB) took 40th and Olivia Shortt (KB) 54th.

Day One Men (Super-G No. 2): Christian Meyer (BSC) placed 18th, James Rauch (BSC) 22nd, Daniel Edick (BSC) 38th and Ethan Hallett (BSC) 58th.

Day Two Women (Giant Slalom): Margaret Munschauer of Buffalo Ski Club finished in 9th place. Page Hazen (KB) took 35th and teammate Olivia Shortt finished 53rd.

Day Two Men (Giant Slalom): James Rauch of Buffalo Ski Club finished 11th, Bryce Shively (KB) 22nd, Jack Schleyer (KB) 24th and Ethan Hallett (BSC) 42nd.

Day Three Women (Slalom): Katie Schlemmer of Kissing Bridge finished 30th followed by teammates Page Hazen and Olivia Shortt in 34th and 41st respectively.

Day Three Men (Slalom): Brice Shively of Kissing Bridge broke out with a top ten performance finishing in 7th place.

Tune in next week for results from the U14 Super-G at Bristol Mountain!