On Tuesday, Nov. 7, voters headed to the polls to vote in local elections. In Concord, the ballot included a race for Town Supervisor, won by Clyde Drake (R, C, I). Jim Krezmein (R, I)  and Phil Drozd (R, C, I) won the Town Councilmen seats.

As of press time, the unofficial election results are as follows:


Supervisor, Clyde Drake with 65 percent of the votes.

Councilmen, Philip Drozd with 33 percent of the votes; James Krezmien with 33 percent of the votes.

Unopposed were: Town Clerk, Darlene Schweikert.

Town Justice, Leslie Gibbin.

Highway Supt., Dennis Dains.

Assessor, Dawn Martin.

Other area elections:


Supervisor, James DePasquale.

Councilmen, David Arcara, Jesse Hyycik.

Highway Supt., Paul Clarkson.


Supervisor, Kenneth Martin.

Councilmen, James Hotnich with 45 percent of the votes, Sara Jane Sion with 35 percent of the votes.

Town Clerk, Becky Jo Summers with 56 percent of the votes.

Highway Supt., Peter Waterman.


Supervisor, Beverly Gambino.

Councilmen, Jamie Emmick with 32 percent of the votes; Leonard Hochadel with 33 percent of the votes.

Town Clerk, Jennifer Bray.

Town Justice, Gene Heintz.

Highway Supt., Donald Hopkins.

For official results, visit www.erieelectionresults.com.