By Ely Schosek
Student Reporter

Springville-Griffith Institute High School has a great many courses devoted to students furthering their knowledge of topics outside of those concerned with their required course load.

The SGI Business Department is truly an influential department at the school. A number of SGI graduates went on to start their own businesses with the knowledge they acquired thanks to these such courses at the high school.

Most students start out with the course Introduction to Business. This course exposes students to the many aspects of business as a whole. According to the SGI HS curriculum guide, “Topics such as business environment, management, organization, marketing, finance, accounting, and data processing are discussed in an introductory manner.”

As sophomores and juniors, students are presented with more options.

Introduction to Accounting requires a junior or senior status unless permission is given by the instructor. The course introduces students to a variety of accounting cycles mainly those for a service or a merchandising business but those for “sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations” are also covered.

Computers and accounting software will be utilized for a notable part of the course. “If you are planning a business major in college, put this elective at the top of your list,” the curriculum guide stated.

Introduction to Accounting may count as the third unit in Mathematics which is required for a Regents Diploma. College credit is available for the course through the SUNY Erie Advanced Studies Program.

Computer Science Principles is a course for students interested in exploring the fundamental aspects of computer science and in challenging themselves. “Units of study include: The Internet, Digital Information, Big Data and Privacy, Algorithms and Programming, and Building Apps,” according to the curriculum guide.

During most students’ junior year at SGI, they are required to take a course called Junior Seminar. This course is intended to give students an idea of what they will be doing after leaving high school and to give them some of the skills necessary to accomplish their goals. Throughout the half-year course, students will gain experience through job-shadowing and internships along with other opportunities.

There are a few other half-year courses open to SGI students, such as Introduction to Microcomputer Application,s which covers programs including Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Publisher. This course qualifies students for college credit through the SUNY Erie Advanced Studies Program.

Another half-year course at SGI is Sports and Entertainment Marketing, which teaches students about the basic concepts of marketing and how to apply them to the aforementioned areas.

“Students, working in groups, will create their own professional sports franchise from the bottom up using proven marketing concepts,” the curriculum guide noted. “After all components are in place, the students will participate in a fantasy season schedule and will use their marketing skills to adjust to the varying conditions which will present themselves throughout the season.”

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management is a course that gives students an overview of how a business is organized and run. The final project for the course will be the preparation of a business plan which will allow the students to bring together all the information they learned in the course.

Similarly, Retail Management gives students an overview of how retail business is organized and run. “Students will discuss such topics as leading and managing people, human resource management, financial management, security, inventory control, and marketing,” the curriculum guide stated.

The Business of Music teaches students about the numerous careers surrounding music including financial and legal aspects. “An ongoing project throughout the semester will be the planning and production of a performance that will be presented to the local community.”

Consumer Finance is a whole-year course for juniors and seniors that prepares students for college-level business programs and for understanding the detailed financial world they will enter after high school.

“Topics covered include payroll, interest, budgeting, depreciation, banking, credit, investment and currency.” The course may be used as a third Mathematics credit necessary for the Regents Diploma, and it also counts towards college credit through the SUNY Erie Advanced Studies Program.

SGI’s Business Department offers many courses that can help to prepare students for the outside world and even some specific career paths they may be interested in.