By Caitlin Croft

U14/U12 and select U10 athletes from Kissing Bridge (KB) and Buffalo Ski Club (BSC) headed to Gore Mountain in North Creek, NY for Kandahar Champs. It consisted of one training day and one day of racing. The first run was a Kombi run, which is a blend of Slalom and Giant Slalom; run two was a Giant Slalom. U14 State Championships were held at West Mountain in Queensbury, New York. Day one was a Super-G, day two Giant Slalom and day three was a Slalom.

Kandahar Champs U14 Men: Kissing Bridge’s Wilson Siudzinski placed 9th.

Kandahar Champs U12 Women: Zoe Hallett of Buffalo Ski Club finished 15th.

Kandahar Champs U12 Men: Garrett Goetz of Kissing Bridge took 23rd.

U14 State Championships Super-G Women: Kissing Bridge’s Hannah Goetz placed 14th, Sydney Minier (KB) 19th, Julia Patterson (BSC) 24th, Abigail Fischer (KB) 28th and Madisyn Delozier (BSC) 31st. Grace Rauch of Buffalo Ski Club took 38th, Katriana Kivari (KB) 52nd, Kiera Kavcic (BSC) 53rd and Elizabeth Graney (KB) 56th.

U14 State Championships Super-G Men: Alex Aubrecht of Buffalo Ski Club just missed the podium, finishing in 4th. Joshua Jusiak also of Buffalo Ski Club made finished inside the top 10, taking 9th, Quinn Langdon (BSC) 57th and Montgomery Nicholl (BSC) 60th.

U14 State Championships Giant Slalom Women: Hannah Goetz (KB) improved on her Super-G run, finishing 9th. Julia Patterson (BSC) took 20th, Abigail Fischer (KB) 24th, Sydney Minier (KB) 28th, Katriana Kivari (KB) 29th, Madisyn Delozier (BSC) 31st, Kiera Kavcic (BSC) 37th and Elizabeth Graney (KB) 54th.

U14 State Championships Giant Slalom Men: Alex Aubrecht (BSC) continued his success with a 6th place finish. Joshua Jusiak (BSC) took 14th, Montgomery Nicholl (BSC) 36th and Quinn Langdon (BSC) 46th.

U14 State Championships Slalom Women: Julia Patterson of Buffalo Ski Club finished 19th, Madisyn Delozier (BSC) 22nd, Kiera Kavcic (BSC) 29th and Grace Rauch (BSC) 33rd.

U14 State Championships Slalom Men: Alex Aubrecht had another successful day finishing 6th, teammate Joshua Jusiak had another top ten finishing 8th and Quinn Langdon (BSC) took 36th.

Moving on to the Francis Piche Memorial Race in Gilford, NH is Zoe Hallett and Jenna Block for the ladies and for the men, Wilson Siudzinski is second alternate.

Alex Aubrecht, Joshua Jusiak and Hannah Goetz are moving on to U14 Eastern Championships.

Julia Patterson is second alternate for the New York Vermont Giant Slalom Invitational Project

Great work this season athletes and best of luck to those who are continuing their season!