Maria Czechowski stands inside her new yoga studio at 33 Pearl St. in Springville. Photo by Alicia Dziak.

By Alicia Dziak

Promoting health, balance and longevity, the Lifepath Yoga Center will soon open its doors right here in Springville. Owner Maria Czechowski and her husband purchased the building at 33 Pearl St. after searching for just the right location. Czechowski, who also owns a yoga studio in Holland, was looking for a second studio in a less rural area to be accessible to more people. For many years, she has been (and still is) an occupational therapist at the Children’s League in Springville, and said that her ties to the community made it an easy decision to purchase the building right in the heart of the village. “I’m so attached to Springville, and I fell in love with (the building,” Czechowski said. “The space is perfect.”

Czechowski discovered yoga after an accident in 2007 that left her with painful spinal injuries, which were especially difficult when working with children for work.

“I started taking restorative yoga and gradually started healing and became pain free,” she said. She continued to gain strength, flexibility and balance and soon went back to normal activities.

From there, she decided to become a certified yoga instructor to help others, and she opened her studio in Holland in 2013. She has since taught classes in her studio as well as through community education.

Czechowski will offer several classes in the new space, most of which are offered in 8-week sessions:

• Flow Yoga, which is intermediate to vigorous, is designed for people who can get up and down, have a little experience and are physically fit.

• Gentle Restorative Yoga is for people who can get down on the ground, but offers a slower pace. It’s good for spinal alignment, and builds strength.

• Tai Chi Easy involves slow, graceful motions, calming the nervous system and developing strength, flexibility and balance. “It’s a beautiful meditative form,” said Czechowski. She further explained that this is an 8-week course and that by the end of it, students will have the tools they need to do it on their own.

Additionally, Czechowski plans to offer a teen yoga class once a month, as well as prenatal yoga and a mommy and me class in the near future.

Czechowski will also offer a 4-week Introduction to Yoga class starting Sept. 8.

Formerly the Fabric Cottage, the building that sits right off Main Street on the edge of the large public parking lot went through a complete renovation to transform into a yoga studio. “We took out all the shelving and beams, did a lot of drywall work, put in a new floor, repainted and gutted the bathroom,” Czechowski explained. The result is an open space with lots of natural light.

On the exterior, Czechowski, her husband, and their team of contractors installed new windows and a new roof, repainted the siding a softer color and put up window boxes.

In the back of the studio, a wall was put up to add a room for Czechowski’s daughter, a chiropractor, to work in.

On Saturday, Aug. 25, there will be an open house at Lifepath Yoga Center from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. There will be a Tai Chi demonstration at noon and refreshments, and Czechowski hopes it will give people a chance to see the studio, ask any questions and sign up for upcoming classes.

Since Czechowski intends to keep classes small (limited to 10 students), pre-registration for classes is encouraged. Visit for the schedule and for more info.