By Derek M. Otto

The regular meeting of the Village of Springville Board of Trustees was held Monday, June 5 at 7 p.m.  Trustee Robert Moriarty and village attorney Paul Weiss were absent.  Yvonne Tripi, deputy village attorney, filled in for Weiss.

In her report, village administrator Liz Melock asked the board to approve the lawn mowing bid for distressed properties.  Only one bid was returned.  Trustee Terry Skelton asked if the bid was much different than last year.  Code Enforcement Officer Mike Kaleta replied that it was about the same, with some increase in debris removal.  The board moved to accept the bid from Nature’s Pride.

In other business, Melock asked that the board formally move to accept the list of Fire Police for the Springville Fire Department.  Chief Klenk presented the list at the May 15 meeting. Melock reported that tax bills have been sent out and are due by July 3rd.   She stated that demolition of 110 S. Central will begin June 8, 2017.

Superintendent of Public Works Ken Kostnowiak reported that construction on Heritage Park has restarted.  The park should be completed in a few weeks.  The restrooms will be installed the second week of June.

Construction work on the crosswalks on Franklin Street are scheduled for June.  Traffic patterns will be disrupted and rerouted.  Kostnowiak thanked Chestnut Ridge and Schichtel’s nurseries for the donation of trees.  Two dozens trees were donated and have been planted throughout the village.

He also interviewed six applicants to replace Senior Clerk Typist Joni Wilson, who is retiring.  He asked the board to appoint Karen Yormick.  The board approved her for a six-month probationary appointment starting June 12, 2017.   

He then asked the board to approve the bid opened June 1, 2017 for the Auna Actuators to R, M. Headlee Co. of Orchard Park for valves used to regulate water flow.

Officer in Charge Nick Budney reported that for the month of May, Springville Police responded to 170 calls, 1,840 patrol hours with 42 shifts.  He noted that traffic patrols were up 51 percent from this time last year.  He noted that the Erie County Sheriffs responded to 457 calls. Budney stated that he went to the annual Stop DWI recognition dinner in May.  Springville Policeman George Avery was recognized for his success in DWI  enforcement.  This was the eighth award that Avery has received in his 20-year career.   He was pleased to say that the Springville Police Department has moved to its new station in 65 Franklin.

Kaleta asked the board to look into changing the language in Chapter 73 of village code.  Currently, the language allows the code enforcement officer’s discretion in determining reasonable time to remedy code violations. New York has passed a law that is now in effect that states that reasonable time is 30 days.  Kaleta asked that the wording in the code be in line with the state law.

In trustee notes, Nils Wikman commented that he had an ice cream cone at the Springville Dairy.  He said it was good to see the business opening again and that the Robinsons have done a good job at getting the Dairy opened again.  Mayor Krebs added that the business was a recipient of the New York Main program, that has allowed for some of the rebirth of Springville’s Main Street.

Both Krebs and Wikman commented on the success on the 29th annual Dairy Fest.   Wikman said he had seen the treasurer of the Dairy Fest who declared that it was one of the best years yet for the committee.

In new business, Mayor Krebs asked the board to approve a resolution to the NYS assembly and Senate in support of changing the time in which properties with back taxes can be foreclosed on by the county.  The resolution is in support of changing time from two years to one year.    

The next meeting of the Village of Springville board is June 19 at 7 p.m. at 65 Franklin Street, Springville.