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Wendy Cocca, executive director of Love INC of Springville, has retired
after more than two decades of service to the local nonprofit organization.

By Alex Simmons

Wendy Cocca, the executive director of Love INC of Springville, has retired after many years of service.
“Working for a nonprofit organization is exciting, challenging and sometimes scary,” Cocca said, reflecting on her time with Love INC.
Cocca got her start in 1997 where she was an office volunteer, she said, and eventually moved on to staff in 2007.
After her few years as a staff member at Love INC, Cocca moved into the position of “Executive Director, in 2010, immediately after I completed a degree at Houghton College,” she said.
Cocca is a member of the First Presbyterian Church in Springville, saying “our church is very mission-oriented.” She felt that Love INC was a good way to “serve Christ’s church,” she said, while over time, it “turned into a vocation.”
Love INC, or Love In The Name of Christ of Springville “is a local affiliate of a national movement,” Cocca explained. Love INC “opened in 1996 in the basement of Joylan Theater,” she said. “We are a network of 17 Christian churches within a 15 mile radius of Springville.”
The organization’s mission is to “connect people with churches — to help meet needs with resources that are available within our network of churches.”
“There are some restrictions on our funding and activities because we are a faith-based organization,” Cocca said. “However, those don’t outweigh the privilege and responsibility we have to share our faith, and to love and care for one another.”
With Cocca’s retirement from Love INC, the Board of Directors is accepting applications for the position of Executive Director.
“The position is 30 hours per week,” and you “must be active in the Love INC church network and willing to lead and grow this local ministry,” she said.
Applications are available on the Love INC website at Anyone interested must submit their resume and application by Aug. 15.
You can submit your resume to Jen Shearer, board president, at Applications should be mailed to Love INC at 62 East Main St. Springville, NY 14141.