By Jennifer Weber

When it comes to Christmas Trees, every family has their own special tradition. I fondly recall watching my parents drag the giant, tattered, taped up cornered cardboard box from the attic each year, into the living room and meticulously separating each limb of our tree into piles of different letters. Somehow all those branches ended up organized and fluffed along a metal spine with holes to make the most magical Christmas tree ever. A process for sure, and that’s before trying to figure out untangling the lights!

Other families choose to take a drive out to their favorite Christmas tree farm, trek through the acres of trees available—robust and round, tall and thin, festive and fluffy and cut down their own tree.


11398 Bolton Road

Springville, NY 14141

(716) 560-8004

Hill’s Christmas Tree Farm

13214 Belscher Road

Springville, NY 14141

(716) 592-5096

Trevett Tree Farm

13028 Trevett Rd

Springville, NY 14141

(716) 954-3401

Highlander Forest Christmas Trees

11730 Warner Gulf Road

East Concord, NY 14055

(716) 496-8845

Jake’s Greenhouse Inc

11904 Route 240

East Concord, NY 14055

(716) 592-4084

Pine View Tree Farm

9595 Foote Rd

Glenwood, NY 14069

(678) 953-7550

Country Pine Farm

11996 Humphries Rd

Holland, NY 14080

(716) 537-9327

Evergreen Hills Christmas Tree Farm

7586 Vermont Hill Rd

Holland, NY 14080

(716) 537-2750

Roth’s Hillside Tree Farm

182 N. Main Street (Rte. 16)

Holland, NY 14080

(716) 537-9398

Boston Hill Nursery

7421 Old Lower East Hill Road

Colden, NY 14033

(716) 662-7411

Treehaven Evergreen Nursery

981 Jamison Road

Elma, NY 14059

(716) 652-4206