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Alex Simmons (left) sings “Mamma Mia” by ABBA while accompanied by Noah Koningisor on guitar.
Photo by Alex Simmons
Jessica Koningisor (left) and her daughter, Christy, sing their hearts out as Jessica’s husband, Mark, and their son Noah accompany on guitar. Amy Stabell (far right) accompanies on violin.

By Alex Simmons

Amidst the virtual shutdown of Western New York thanks to last week’s sub-zero conditions threats of a blizzard, a village hot spot still held its weekly tradition of bringing people together through music.

On Feb. 1, the 49 Cafe, located at 49 E. Main St. in Springville, hosted Friday Night “Flights,” a karaoke night where community members got together and enjoyed a night of music, coffee and special treats.
Even on a cold night like it was, a large group of people came out and supported the local talent.
One Springville-Griffith High School student, Noah Koningisor, performed using smooth vocals and talented techniques on guitar along with the rest of his family.
Noah explained that he enoys “feeding off the energy of the room.” The evening gave the feeling of a nice outing and fun get together.

“When you look around and see someone smile for something you did, it makes me feel good,” he said.
The smell of coffee filled the room while the light-hearted music filled everyone’s ears. Noah and his family were joined by Amy Stabell, another Springville student, who plays the violin at in high school and came out to show off her talent.
“I have performed with Noah’s family before,” Amy said, but this was her first time performing at the 49 Cafe. By the end of the evening, she said she had fun.

Lindsay Buncy, one of the owners, explained that Friday Night “Flights” got its name because customers can try four different types of coffee, including hot, cold and “specialty flights.”

Since the cafe offers so many choices of coffee, this gives them the opportunity to sample four different coffees in one sitting, she said.
The music ranged from country to pop. I even went up myself and sang the song “Mamma Mia” by ABBA.

It was nerve-wracking — and I was kind of pushed into it — but it turned out to be a lot of fun, even if I did, in fact, mess up the lyrics.
Some of the other songs performed last Friday included “Love is Alive” by Gary Wright, “Old Man” by Neil Young, “Blue Moon of Kentucky,” made famous by Elvis Prestley, and “Horse with No Name” by America.
“We try to make it every Friday night,” said Jessica Koningisor, mother of Noah and his sister, Christy, who sang.

“We get haircuts next store at Molly’s Creative Cuts and came in for coffee,” she said, explaining how the family discovered this event. “This is when we talked to the owners about what they were going to do to promote the cafe, and they told us about the Open Mic.”
Mark Koningisor, Christy and Noah’s father, expressed that, “Noah is like the leader of the band.”
He said he really enjoys coming out with his family for a night of music and fun.

“We have fun, and like sharing that fun with the folks,” Koningisor added.
Folks from all around the area came in, sat down and enjoyed some food and warm drinks.
Owners Lindsay and Kevin Buncy and Greg Beatty said they are looking for “all kinds of acts, not just musicians. For example, acts like comedy and poetry.”
So if you are looking for some live music or other kinds of entertainment on these cold Friday nights, or any Friday night, stop in and share your talent, whatever it may be!

Not the performing type? This event is for everyone, so take a seat and enjoy the show!

Friday Night Flights and open mic takes place every Friday night from 5 to 8 p.m. The 49 Cafe is located at 49 E. Main St., Springville.