Erie County Legislature Majority Leader Joseph Lorigo is seeking answers as to when Route 240 will be repaired – again. After learning that Route 240 was breaking apart within days of it being repaved, Legislator Lorigo visited the site and began working with the DPW Commissioner to address the issue.

“After being ignored for years, Route 240 from Holland Glenwood to Foote Road, was finally repaired and repaved in August. However, immediately after the roadway was ‘finished,’ potholes started forming. I spoke with DPW Commissioner and County Engineers immediately after learning of this issue and was told there was an issue with the top layer of asphalt. I am concerned that if we don’t fix this correctly that we will be back to square one. This isn’t the only county project to receive numerous complaints. We are investing millions of taxpayer dollars into fixing these roads and subpar work is not acceptable,” said Majority Leader Lorigo. “Taxpayers expect to see results. I am asking the County Executive and DPW Commissioner to ensure that this section of Route 240 is repaired to the highest standards.”

Legislator Lorigo said he will question the issue at the next Economic Development Committee meeting on Sept. 14 with DPW. The project was contracted out and the issue is still being investigated, according to DPW. Legislator Lorigo, who recently sent a letter to residents living on the stretch of roadway, will continue to provide updates when a plan is put in place to repair the problem.

For additional information, please call Majority Lorigo at 858-8922 or e-mail,