Photos by Elyana Schosek
Students at Springville-Griffith High School kicked off the weekend last Friday, March 1 with a dance party in the snow, taking inspiration from some French students’ experiences during a Quebec trip last month
Photo by Elyana Schosek

By Elyana Schosek

Student Reporter

Nothing can get in the way of Springville-Griffith High School students and their desire to dance, not even cold weather!

This was seen when a group of the high school’s French students took over an entire town square to dance on their recent trip to Quebec.

This was during Carnival, a time of the year in which people from all over come to Quebec. Yet somehow, the only people dancing were the students. Strangers were caught completely off-guard as they entered the square, so much so that some even began to video-tape the students.

This past Friday, March 1, SGI held a Snow Dance, the first event of its kind at the school.
All students at the Springville-Griffith High School were invited to dance with their friends in the snow after school on Friday.
SGI French teacher Madame Brown was inspired by the students taking over the town square in Quebec during Carnival.

“Who knew all it took was some music and a giant pile of snow to get them to pay attention?” she said in regards to her students who began the dancing.
SGI’s French Club and Art Club teamed up to host the event, which only took a week to plan. Preparation was simple, all they needed was “a speaker and some students who loved to dance,” Brown said. They played all types of musical genres.
Because of the event’s simplicity, Brown noted that they would love to do it again. All that is required is to pick a day and have students show up to have fun dancing.
“It was great to see students who had experienced the outside dancing in Quebec City come out and then students who just came because they were curious to see what it was all about,” she said. “We even had students who were hanging out in the lobby come and participate.”
Brown also mentioned that it is a fun way for students to destress from their week via dancing with their friends in an uncommon venue.

“We even were able to get some group bonding by trying to build a massive snowman,” she added.
When asked what her favorite part of the whole thing was, Brown said, “Dancing with the students!”
“It is so much fun to see everyone smiling and laughing,” she continued. In addition to the traditional dances that most students know, “some students were even able to remember their dances that they created for gym class in middle school”.
“It was a wonderful way to end the week in a very positive way,” Brown said. “As we were dancing, the students planned the next activity to be a karaoke party.”
The dancing participants were not only limited to those who were part of the inspirational dance in Quebec City, but also their friends.

“At the end, there were some younger students who came for a different activity dancing in the parking lot as they got out of their car,” she added.

There is one big lesson to be learned from all of this: SGI students will dance anywhere, anytime if there is music, even in the snow and freezing weather.

The SGI French Club and Art Club are looking forward to planning another event like this for the students to come and have fun with their friends.