By Kellen M. Quigley

At its regular Feb. 14 meeting, the Concord Town Board further discussed a contract with Holforth Risk Management Analysis after tabling the possibility of renewing the contract during the January meeting.

Town Supervisor Clyde Drake said after looking into the matter further, he recommended the town board do not renew the contract. He said he spoke with the town’s insurance company regarding the contract.

The board unanimously voted to not renew.

“This is going to save us about $13,600,” Drake said. “We’re looking to save money anywhere we can.”

He said the contract is not up until the end of February, but he would send a letter to Holforth thanking them for their past service.


IN OTHER BUSINESS, the town board discussed the need to update the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) used by New York state with regard to the National Flood Insurance Program.

Drake said he received a letter from the state that the maps are to become final on June 7, the end of the 10-year period the town has had to inform the state of any changes to the maps.

“The state is telling us that we should rescind any flood local laws that we have and adopt the state one,” he said.

Drake said they checked the records and the local flood law was from 1987. He said that he has a copy of the law, which he will modify to put in the town’s updated information.

For example, in 1987 the Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) was the person in charge. Drake said he is working with the town’s current CEO to establish a permit fee.

“I have to submit this to New York state before March 9,” he explained. “They have to look it over and give it a thumbs up or thumbs down before we can even have a public hearing here so we can pass the local law.”

Additionally, Drake said FEMA reached out to him to inform the town about the maps and what the town has to do to finalize them.

According to FEMA, there are five flood problem areas in the town: two on Fowlerville Road, one of Buffalo Road, one on North Street and one on Spaulding Road.

“Spaulding shouldn’t be on there,” said Councilman Philip Drozd. He said the previous issues there had been fixed when he was Highway Superintendent and that the area doesn’t flood anymore.

“We’ve had worse floods since that one in 1994 when we lost a car and it hasn’t breached since,” he said. “That creek still flows great.”

Drake said that the bottom line is that if the town does not get done their role in the updated maps, residents of the town would not be able to get flood insurance. He said he has the new flood maps in his office.


ALSO OF NOTE, Drozd reported that the Springville Volunteer Fire Department is beginning to organize its car show fundraiser, which is scheduled for July 21. He said it will be held in conjunction with the All-Class Reunion.

Drozd also noted that there is pending legislation in the State Assembly to ban any gun or alcoholic beverages as prizes during fundraising raffles.

“That should be very concerning for American Legion posts, fire companies and everything else,” he said. “It’s going to devastate this part of the state for funds for any of these organizations.

Drozd said the main fundraiser for the Springville Fire Company is a sportsman raffle in the fall.