With healthcare continuing to change, Bertrand Chaffee Hospital (BCH) is keeping up with technology and introducing a new electronic medical records system for its patients.

Called YourCareCommunity, this is a health record and wellness content website. It works as an online portal to help patients and caregivers organize and access personal health information.
This upgrade was funded as part of a grant received by BCH in 2017, part of the Statewide Healthcare Facility Transformation Program.
YourCareCommunity includes a Wellness Dashboard that links to patient records and consolidates other important information and tools for managing personal health. It is accessible from computers and mobile devices and can integrate with some popular health and wellness apps.

BCH inpatients and caregivers are being given login and access information upon registration.

Once this registration process is complete, hospital patients and their approved caregivers can securely access their patient portal to view, download or transmit private health information and more.
Individuals who are not BCH patients can create an account on YourCareEverywhere, a related web site, and explore firsthand the Wellness Dashboard and the health and wellness content where there are over 20,000 relevant health and wellness articles, videos, recipes, workout videos and other helpful tools.
To log in to the patient portal at YourCareCommunity or to create an account for YourCareEverywhere, please visit bertrandchaffee.com/patient-portal.