By Elizabeth Riggs

For many, back to school also means back to schedules and consistency. School days mean that fall has officially arrived, and early bedtimes, homework and weeknight chaos will undoubtedly ensue. But before you completely finalize your autumn routines, consider adding just a few more learning experiences to the calendars – things that may be best learned outside of school walls through local businesses and professionals. That’s right – take a look at the variety of courses, programs, classes and lessons the Springville area has to offer your little ones!

For the little dancer in your life, it goes without saying that Kay Duffy School of Dance is a Springville institution. Kay Duffy offers graded combination classes for ages 3-7 in areas of study that include: tap, jazz, pre-ballet, acro, and technique. For ages 6 up through adult classes, areas of study include tap, jazz, ballet and point, lyrical, hip hop, modern and Irish.

Classes are held Monday through Saturday at the Kay Duffy School of Dance, located at 60 South Cascade Drive in Springville. To register for classes, or for more information, visit their website:

For those interested in martial arts, try Kempo Karate Center in Springville, which prides itself on teaching children modesty, perseverance, gratitude, integrity, courtesy, and indomitable spirit amidst the physical workout.

And if these learned traits aren’t appealing enough, the center offers classes after school, so elementary, middle school, and high school students can all get dropped off at the center from Springville buses in order to pursue classes.

The center offers classes Monday through Thursdays, and on Saturdays, and also offers family rates.  It is also currently running a back-to-school promotion which includes a free t-shirt with September enrollment, good for new students only.

For more information on Kempo Karate, visit their Facebook page: @masterSteveTownsend, or email at

For the mini Mozart in your home, try local music lessons. Springville Music Center, owned by Todd Scranton, offers guitar lessons for kids, as well as an opportunity to purchase, sell and trade new, used or vintage instruments. For more information on lessons, contact Todd at (716) 592-7279 or email

If your little ones are more interested in cartwheels and handsprings than guitar strings, enrollment in local gymnastics classes may be just the thing. Hamburg and Orchard Park have a variety of centers and gyms to choose from, including Children in Action Gymnastics, which specializes in youth gymnastics for girls and boys.

Children in Action offers a Parent and Tot class for little ones ranging from 12 months to 3 years; a Pee Wee Tumbler class for ages 3-5, and beginner/intermediate and intermediate/advanced classes for ages 5 years and up. For more information, visit their website:

Another option is Tumble Bee Gym in Hamburg, which offers a variety of different programs, including: parent/child classes, preschool gymnastics, recreational gymnastics, girls competitive teams, tumbling, dance, birthday parties, summer camps, Pilates and more. Tumble Bee even offers classes for babies as young as nine months, through parent/child baby bee classes, which help motor development through group activities, music and creative movement.

The center is currently enrolling for fall classes, which are held Monday through Thursday. Tuition and registration fees vary based on age and frequency. For more information, visit the Tumble Bee website:

It’s safe to say that the Springville area offers a plethora of options for learning beyond classroom walls. Whether it be playing guitar, dancing, tumbling or earning that first karate belt, Springville youth are lucky to have opportunities to learn outside of the classroom this fall, and take advantage of these great local lesson options.