By Caitlin Croft

After an exciting weekend of Junior Alpine Racing, the Empire State Games results are in. The event is comprised of U21/19/16 athletes but they are awarded overall. The series started with a Super-G, Day Two was a Giant Slalom and it finished on Day Three with a slalom race.

Ladies: Madisyn DeLozier of Buffalo Ski Club cracked into the top ten with a 7th place finish. Sydney Minier (KB) took 12th, Hannah Goetz (KB) 20th and Abigail Fischer (KB) 38th.
Men: Buffalo Ski Club’s Joshua Jusiak finished in the 10th position. Alex Aubrecht (BSC) placed 16th and Ethan Hallett (BSC) 44th.

Giant Slalom
Ladies: Sydney Minier (KB) placed 14th, Abigail Fischer (KB) 35th, Ingrid Siudzinski (KB) 46th and Ares Comes (BSC) 47th.
Men: Joshua Jusiak (BSC) took 9th, Alex Aubrecht (BSC) 18th and Aristotle Ninos (KB) 26th.

Ladies: Sydney Minier (KB) finished 17th, Abigail Fischer (KB) 19th, Ares Comes (BSC) 39th and Ingrid Siudzinski (KB) 41st.
Men: Aristotle Ninos (KB) found himself in the top ten with a 9th place finish and Ethan Hallett (BSC) finished 35th.

Empire State Games are held at Whiteface site to the 1980 Olympics and the event is notorious for difficult conditions and courses. Thirty-two men did not finish the Slalom race in some capacity, whether they disqualified or did not finish one of the two runs. That is nearly half of the field of competition.

U14 Athletes traveled to Naples to compete in their first Super-G event of the season. Day one and two were training days for the athletes to get familiar with speed at this venue. Day three was the race and Mother Nature threw some interesting conditions at these young racers.

There was poor visibility with the snowstorm that seemed to have parked over the hill. In addition to this, the only “clear” part of this hill was the race track, therefore putting pressure on athletes to stay on their line or almost immediately be forced to stop due to heavy snow.

Girls: Emily Kloc (BSC) took 29th, Lillian Rauch (BSC) 42nd and Lucy Fortner (BSC) 49th.

Boys: Garrett Goetz (KB) finished in the 6th position, Drew Foley (KB) 25th, Hannes Aubrecht (BSC) 43rd, Joey Hogenkamp (KB) 55th and Luke Seplaki (BSC) 56th.

U21/19/16 athletes travel this weekend to Bristol for two Super-Gs and one Training Day. Tune in next week for the results.