By Ely Schosek

The end of the school year is always a busy time at SGI, and this is especially true for the Yearbook Club! This club is made up of a group of dedicated students and their advisor, SGI teacher Sara Kemmerer.

According to Kemmerer, who has been the advisor of the club for seven years, the goal of the yearbook is “to try and show a good picture of what Springville represents.” The club meets formally once a week, but some students visit Kemmerer on a daily basis. The main focus of the group is to create a great book, but this is not a simple task.

Kemmerer said that “it entails covering different events” such as sports and club activities. Though, this year student photographer (who also takes photos for the Springville Times!), Jaime Dickinson, helped the group by taking many of their sports photos. There are 12 students who have continuously put in time and effort to make the perfect yearbook.

Becca Moriarty and Sydney Emley, two of the editors, stop by to see Kemmerer nearly every day to discuss every little detail. Moriarty, who is a junior this year and has been in Yearbook Club since her freshman year; she also intends on being a part of it for her senior year too. She is currently assistant editor and “primarily worked on designing pages for the yearbook but also helped Ms. Kemmerer review and check over all the pages before they were turned in.” Becca told me that she “personally enjoys creating the event pages the most.” This included pages for spirit week, Science Olympiad, and holiday weeks. She also said that she likes to “sort through all the baby ads and put them together.”

The Senior Baby Ad section is a great way for parents to publicly recognize their graduate. These are often times purchased as a surprise gift to their children, and ads mean a great deal to seniors and their friends.

Emley is currently the main student editor for the club. She is a senior this year and was also a member during her junior year. Emley said that she is “not in charge of any one specific task” but that she carries out a wide variety of tasks. This includes things like, “taking pictures, laying out pages, typing up club or sports rosters, creating and editing captions, and making sure the theme is carried throughout the book.” Emley said that she just does things that “fall within her realm of expertise.” She also helps Kemmerer with proofing pages made by other club members. Emley said that she “really loves the graphic design aspects of it” and her favorite part is “designing pages and choosing where to place the pictures, shapes, details, and color to create pages that are tied together and have a flow.”

The Griffonell is a student-generated publication. These students are always hard at work on the book until the very last page is submitted. This takes almost the whole school year! In the fall, the club gives the student body the chance to submit their own photos, which may include pictures with siblings or pictures from summer vacations. Students may also submit pictures of them at work, during “fall fun”, or sports candids.

The students that have put in extra time and effort to make a perfect book include; Jeremy Baker, Marykate Beyer, Sydney Emley, Alyssa Fregelette, Sam Gorski, Genny Kraft, Talia Mangano, Becca Moriarty, Dylan Noeller, Abby Stressinger, Elisabeth Sutton, and Haley Walker. Kemmerer thanks them for being as dedicated as they are!

High school yearbooks were distributed to students earlier this week. Be sure to check out all of their hard work!