By Derek M. Otto

The Village of Springville held its regular board meeting on April 3, 2017.  After Mayor Krebs opened the meeting, Village Administrator Liz Melock asked for several resolutions to be passed regarding the annual audit: the procurement policy and investment policy. The only change was to wording the procurement policy that followed the advice of the village auditor.

Next, she asked the board to pass a standard work day resolution for the associate justice. This resolution would assist in documenting his time for the retirement system.

The board was then asked to set several public hearings:  the first for LL 2017-4, Parking and Traffic on Private Property to be at 7:01 p.m. on April 17, 2017.  This law would allow the codes and traffic law be enforced on private property, an example being the use of handicap parking spaces.

The second and third were for setting energy usage benchmarks for municipal buildings and permits relating to solar.

Krebs opened a discussion on the importance of these resolutions and permits.Both NYSSERDA and the DEC have programs for communities that enable them to receive grants.  For Springville, this would mean that the village would receive grants for the maintenance and advancement of the municipal electrical department.  The board set April 17, 2017, for the public hearing on setting benchmarks for the municipal buildings.   They tabled the solar permit public hearing so that the village planning board can review the standard solar permit issued by the state.

Superintendent of Public Works Ken Kostnowiak updated the board on 65 Franklin Street’s progress.  Currently, more issues are being resolved and it has not been open.  He asked the board for a resolution to amend the contract to again credit the village $1850.00 for work that the village electrical department performed. Hopes are that the village could occupy the building soon.  “Sometime in 2017,” remarked Liz Melock.

Krebs thanked Melock and Kostnowiak for their continued work on trying to complete the project.

“I hoped to see cars in the parking lot and trucks in the garage when I came back this week,” said Krebs.   

Kostnowniak then asked the board to approve summer hires: Dylan Gasper, Colin Harrigan, Ethan Smith, Riley Stedman, Parker Rice and James Sheerer, all new, all residents of the village, will be employed for $9.75 an hour this summer.   

In closing his time, Kostnowiak asked the board to approve the annual bids that were opened March 27, 2017.  Trustee Moriarty asked about the mowing bid.  Kostnowiak stated he had received one bid that was past the time limit of the bid and was not stamped or mailed.  The only bid on mowing had to be thrown out.  The bid for mowing will be reopened.

The second comment was from Nils Wikman who asked about the fuel bid.  The fuel bid was separate from the school and village agreement.

Officer-in-Charge Nick Budney reported that the Springville Police Department responded to 188 calls this past month and the traffic enforcement was up 100 percent since last year at this time. He noted that Erie County Sheriffs had 376 calls last month.

On a positive note, Budney reported on the Shop with a Cop program.  He received a $2,500 community grant from Wal-Mart that allowed for the program.  During the holidays, Shop with a Cop gave adolescents $100 to buy winter clothing.  If money was left, it could be used for a toy. Krebs thanked Budney for bringing this program to Springville.

Code Enforcement Officer Mike Kaleta reported that communication is being received on the letters sent out regarding 110 S. Central. The hearing again will be held May 15, 2017.  He asked the board to approve the permit for Chef’s on the Go food truck.  Chef’s has been coming to Springville for various occasions, however, is coming more regularly and applied for the soliciting permit.  This has been past practice.  Several trustees mentioned that the “brick and mortar” establishments are complaining. Krebs asked Wikman to look into changing the code on food trucks, since the village does not have one.

The Control Center asked to appoint Jerome Janik to the permanent position at the control center.  Janik is a retired air traffic controller from the Buffalo Airport.

In new business, April is the start of the governmental year for villages in New York State.  At this time, the village reorganizes for the upcoming year.  Only two major changes to this year: first, Nils Wikman will serve as deputy mayor and second, Jeffery Markello has been appointed associate justice for the village.

In trustee remarks, Trustee Terry Skelton thanked the trustees and community for the outpouring of support to him and his family in the last week.

The next village board meeting is April 17, 2017 at 7 p.m. at 65 Franklin Street, Springville.