By Rowan Potzler, SGI Student Reporter

The first day of school can be a lot of things. Stressful. Hot. Boring. During the first day of school for the Springville-GI school district for the school year 2018-19, it was humid. Things were especially bad for the high school, a building that doesn’t have air conditioning in every room.

“English was terrible! It was so hot in there!” I heard a freshman say as I headed to my own English class. After you get used to the high school, it still doesn’t get better. The only refuge from the humidity is the library, and sometimes it’s closed.

Still, some students were walking around in sweatshirts and pants. I don’t know how they could bear it, but they made do.

As always, some kids didn’t want to come to school on the fourth. “I don’t want to go, but at least it means one more year closer to graduation,” a new junior, Brianna Kruska, said.

Another junior, Hannah Bergner, said that she felt “very nervous” but was excited to start a new year and excel in all of her new classes this year.

Another student had the same attitude as Hannah. “I feel very happy (about the new school year) because my focus in life is to enjoy it to the fullest and I’ve met many friends throughout my years in school. I am super excited to go to some of my new classes,” Richard “Ryan” Jerome added. Despite the heat, students were active and as loud as they’d been last year.

However, a senior laughed at the question. “I wasn’t looking forward to it. I came in late, but that was because of a doctor’s appointment. I’m not a bad student,” Hannah Yetter said during her lab class. “I’m excited for Homecoming, prom, and Senior Skip Day.”

When talking about schedules, a freshman, Emily Woodard, sounded confident. “I’m happy with my schedule. My classes seem easy. It’s only the first day.”

Another junior, Emily Ehlers, was also happy with her schedule this year. “I’m happy…because of the teachers I got and the people that are in my classes.” I was in most of her classes; I’m certainly the reason.

A lot of the students I talked to seemed happy with their schedules and classes. Besides a few freshmen looking lost in the new environment, the first day seemed to go well.

This past summer was filled with lots to do, and many students did go out and about. “It was fun! I went hiking, I went to Darien Lake, the Naval Park, and the Catskill Mountains,” Jessie Seifert said when asked what she’d done. “I also went to the movies a lot.”

Ryan, however, said that his summer was boring because he didn’t really get to hang out with any of his friends.” Hannah said that she made great memories, and Brianna said that “it was the best summer by far.” She didn’t list any reasons.

The last question I asked them was whether or not they were trying anything new this year. Most said no, but Emily said that she wanted to join the Key Club.

Already, on the second and third days of school, the high school students are having their pictures taken during their gym periods. Seniors will have their class photo makeups on the seventh, just in time for the senior trip next week.