By Ely Schosek
Student Reporter

Modern technology has changed how students learn. We turn in assignments online, we research using the internet and we communicate almost solely using our cell phones. Technology allows teachers to record grades where students can view them with ease.
Prior to this school year, the Springville-Griffith Institute School District used a program called Parent/Student Portal. But for the upcoming school year, district leaders made an important decision to switch the student management system to a more up-to-date program.
PowerSchool Parent Portal will be utilized by students, staff and parents in the district beginning this month.
A mobile app associated with PowerSchool allows students and parents instant access to their grades anytime, anywhere. The mobile app comes with push notifications from any smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch. Access to best fit your needs includes desktop, laptop or mobile device.
With final report cards, a list of dates was sent out to SGI High School families. These dates were for registration during which parents filled out some standard paperwork and students could get their schedules and locker combinations. Parents were also informed of the new program.
Among the numerous sheets of paper parents left with was a flyer with the headline: “Students Succeed When Parents Are Involved.” Additionally, the flyer stated: “Knowing your student’s grades and assignments is a great starting point to discuss progress, offer help or give congratulations.”
The flyer listed the top 10 reasons why the PowerSchool Parent Portal and Mobile App are great for parents: 1) Help drive student growth; 2) Real-time, instant access; 3) Engagement your way; 4) Easily communicate with teachers; 5) Progress reports in your inbox; 6) Choose your language; 7) Strengthen the relationship with your student; 8) No more missing homework assignments; 9) Easy access to all of your children; 10) Know what’s going on at the school.
Furthermore, parents are able to “get the school’s daily bulletin board, integrated family calendar, fee transactions and balance, automatic email messaging, and online course request.”
PowerSchool can change how students check their grades just as technology has changed how students learn. Not only will students have simple and easy, real-time access to their grades, but their parents will, too.
Because access to this information has become so much easier, it is not unreasonable to infer that more parents and students will pay closer attention to these important details.