Last week, the Varsity Swim team captured another win against Maryvale 74-27, making the team 4-1.

It was a big night for sophomore Elle Holland who broke two records.  Her first event was the 200 IM.  She swam this event a few other times this season and after last week’s East Aurora meet she knew all she needed was .8 seconds to take down the 10-year record held by Daina Bouquin in 2010.  Attacking the turns was the focus of Holland and at the end of the race she looked up and saw her 2:23.33 time!  Smiles radiated from Holland and cheers from her teammates and the crowd echoed to honor this amazing accomplishment.

Quickly and humbly, Elle got out of the pool and back to the bench she went to regain focus on race No. 2, 100 back.  Again, her last swim at EA she was .14 seconds away from the school record, and her EA time was already the pool record for SGI, so she knew one of those names was gonna come down!  Finishing first again, and getting a time of 1:04.4 she took down the Pool 100 backstroke record.  Congratulations to Elle!  Your team looks up to you and supports you on all your accomplishments.  Your determination and talent make them want to be better, and for that we are a better and stronger team.

The girls had 21 best times against Maryvale overall as a team.  Emily Schelemmer led off in the 200 medly relay dropping 1.5 seconds in her 50 back.  Hannah Bergner swam a 200 free and continues to drop time with ever swim, dropping .3 seconds.  Avery Boyles dropped 7 seconds in her 200 free also.  200 IM Holland dropped .6 seconds and Sydney Emley dropped .8 seconds.  50 free Lauren Ditchey dropped 1 second, Kierstin Komenda dropped .3 seconds (both girls with ECIC qualifying times), Katie Schelemmer dropped 1.1 seconds, Lauren Cosenza dropped 1.2 seconds, Samantha Yetter dropped 1.5 seconds, and Avery Boyles dropped .4 seconds.  In diving, both Samantha Zifra and Shannon O’Hara scored higher and improved their dives in front of the crowd!  100 Fly Anna Lawton dropped .2 seconds.  100 free Lauren Cosenza dropped 2 seconds, Erin Jurkowski dropped 3.2 seconds and Lilia Dinse dropped 7.3 seconds.  Kierstin Komenda won the 500 free and get her personal best time of 6:20 dropping 3 seconds.  100 backstroke Allie Lavanture dropped .3 seconds, Lauren Ditchey dropped 2 seconds (both ECIC times), and Samantha Yetter dropped 1.6 seconds.  Andra Wissing from Germany swam lead off in the 400 free relay and dropped 7.6 seconds in her 100 free time!