By Kellen M. Quigley

So just how early is too early to put up your Christmas tree?

Last week, the Springville Times on its Facebook page asked “How soon is too soon to put up your Christmas tree?” and “When do you like to put your tree up?”

We asked these questions in part because of the seemingly age-old debate on whether the marketing of Christmas is getting earlier and earlier each year.

After all, that genuinely modern phenomenon of early celebration of the season, The Hallmark Channel, started running its Christmas movies on Oct. 26 this year — five days before Halloween.

Although not as early as Halloween, many people in the comments said they put their tree up before Thanksgiving.

“Mines been up since before Thanksgiving. Oops,” one person shared. “The kids and I love it, so we enjoy it as long as we can”

The most popular time commenters mentioned was the day or weekend after Thanksgiving, but some shared they do it on Thanksgiving Day or sooner.

“Weekend after Thanksgiving usually, but this year it went up right before Thanksgiving due to schedules,” one comment read.

Some people said the weekend after Thanksgiving through the first weekend of December is when they put their tree up, a common way to ring in the holiday.

“I’m going to put mine up today,” said one comment on Nov. 29. “Our granddaughters will decorate most of it with me. I say put it up whenever it makes you happy.”

Of course, the increase of artificial trees in homes — and the increasingly “real” appearance of said trees — has a lot to do with Christmas trees being erected far earlier than in the past.

Folks who are farther along in years than others might remember the time when real-pine Christmas trees were bought and put up just days before Christmas — many families even waited until Christmas Eve.

Although one commenter said anytime is fine for putting up the tree, they have to take it down soon after Christmas “so the cat doesn’t climb it.”

Along with the tree itself, some people also shared when they put up their outside lights.

“I’m doing mine this weekend,” one commenter shared. “My outside lights go up on Thanksgiving Day.”

A factor that several commenters mentioned was whether the tree is an artificial one or real.

“I put my mom’s ceramic tree up yesterday,” one person said, while another who planned to get one last weekend said, “Right after Thanksgiving for artificial, but about a week after for real.”

For some, much closer to Christmas Day is the right time, though how long it stays up after is up for debate.

“About one week before, take it down the first week in January,” said one commenter. “Never been a tree lover.”

“My family has always put it up a day or two before Christmas Eve,” another person said. “It stays up until after Epiphany, Jan. 6th — And to be honest, it’s up even longer.”


IN THE SPRINGVILLE area, there are several prime locations to pick up your real tree.

While some may take the big cardboard box out of the attic or cellar, or have an artificial one all set up and ready to go covered by a big sheet, for many families, nothing compares to heading out and getting their own.

Take a short drive out to these Christmas tree farms and spend a couple hours trekking through the snow looking for that perfect specimen — short and round, tall and lean or somewhere in between — and bring it home. Happy hunting!

At Forevergreens, located at 11398 Bolton Road, you can cut your own tree or choose from a fresh cut tree from their display. Live potted trees and wreaths are also available. A tree baling is included with your purchase.

Forevergreens is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can also make an appointment for a weekday or evening trip. Call 560-8004.

Hill’s Christmas Tree Farm, found at 13214 Blescher Road, offers a variety of different and exotic trees to pick from. This family-owned and operated farm also offers pre-cut and potted trees, as well as wreaths, centerpieces, mantelpieces/table runners and door/wall swags. The main barn also has a gift shop and other amenities for Christmas tree shoppers.

Hill’s is open Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. until Dec. 16. Call 592-5096.

Trevett Tree Farm, located at 13028 Trevett Road, has wide a selection of you-cut trees and a broader selection of premium pre-cut trees. Enjoy complimentary hot beverages and treats in the barn while looking at the handmade wreaths, Christmas décor and more.

Trevett is open Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call 954-3401.


Other area Christmas tree farms to check out include:

Red Barn Christmas Farm

14002 Dupont Road

Collins, NY 14034

Call 548-2739


Highlander Forest Christmas Trees

11730 Warner Gulf Road

East Concord, NY 14055

Call 496-8845


Jake’s Greenhouse Inc

11904 Route 240

East Concord, NY 14055

Call 592-4084