Photo submitted Kissing Bridge skier Hannah Goetz (middle) took home gold in the Slalom races on the third day of the State Championships in the U16 division.
Photo submitted After their finishes in the State Championships, moving onto U16 Eastern Finals is Elizabeth Graney (left) and Samuel Foley. Moving onto U16 Eastern Championships is Hannah Goetz (right).

By Caitlin Croft

The U21/19 State Championship Weekend started off with a Super-G at Bristol Mountain in Canandaigua. Day Two was a Giant Slalom and Day Three was a Slalom, both held at Hunt Hollow Ski Club in Naples.

Day One:
Ladies: Sydney Minier of Kissing Bridge finished with the bronze medal. Madisyn Delozier (BSC) placed 4th, Kate Carter (KB) 17th and Abigail Fischer (KB) 19th.
Men: Joshua Jusiak (BSC) took home the gold. Christian Meyer (KB) finished 8th, Alex Aubrecht (BSC) 21st, Daniel Edick (BSC) 23rd, Ethan Hallett (BSC) 31st and Montgomery Nicholl (BSC) 39th.

Day Two:
Ladies: Sydney Minier (KB) continued her success with another third place finish. Abigail Fischer (KB) took 14th and Kate Carter (KB) 27th.
Men: Joshua Jusiak (BSC) once again was on the podium with a silver medal finish. Alex Aubrecht (BSC) took 11th, Daniel Edick (BSC) 16th, Aristotle Ninos (KB) 24th, Ethan Hallett (BSC) 35th and Montgomery Nicholl (BSC) 43rd.

Day Three:
Ladies: Sydney Minier (KB) finished out strong with a silver medal on the last day of racing. Abigail Fischer (KB) took 6th, Kate Carter (KB) 26th and Casey Racho (KB) 29th.
Men: Joshua Jusiak (BSC) walked away with the bronze medal on the final day. Alex Aubrecht (BSC) finished just off the podium in 4th, Aristotle Ninos (KB) 6th, Daniel Edick (BSC) 9th, Montgomery Nicholl (BSC) 26th and Parker Murray (KB) 36th.

Moving on to U21/19 Easterns will be Sydney Minier, Madisyn Delozier, Abigail Fischer, Kate Carter (alternate), Joshua Jusiak, Alex Aubrecht, Aristotle Ninos, Christian Meyer and Daniel Edick.

IN THE U16 races, athletes competed in their State Championship starting with a Slalom at Hunt Hollow Ski Club followed by a Giant Slalom and Super-G at Bristol Mountain.

Day One:
Ladies: Hannah Goetz (KB) took home the silver medal and Ares Comas (BSC) placed 26th.
Men: Samuel Foley (KB) finished 15th, Justin Jusiak (BSC) 21st and Kellen Gradwell (BSC) 46th.

Day Two:
Ladies: Elizabeth Graney (KB) placed 19th, Ares Comas (BSC) 29th and Ingrid Siudzinski (KB) 37th.
Men: Justin Jusiak (BSC) finished 40th.

Day Three:
Ladies: Hannah Goetz (KB) took home the gold. Elizabeth Graney (KB) finished 18th and Ares Comas (BSC) 42nd.
Men: Samuel Foley (KB) placed 22nd, Justin Jusiak (BSC) 44th and Kellen Gradwell (BSC) 47th.

Moving on to U16 Eastern Championships is Hannah Goetz. Moving on to U16 Eastern Finals is Elizabeth Graney and Samuel Foley.

IN THE U14 races, athletes had a last-chance weekend to qualify for their State Championships being held at our own HoliMont Ski Club. This series, The Horst Derby, hosted by Song Mountain in Tully, New York takes the five best boys and girls and adds them to the State Qualification. Day one was a Slalom and Day Two was a Giant Slalom.

Day One:
Boys: Drew Foley (KB) did not finish the race.

Day Two:
Boys: Drew Foley (KB) took 5th.

Competing this weekend at the Mud, Sweat n’ Gears, U14 State Championships is Lillian Rauch, Emily Kloc, Garrett Goetz and Drew Foley.

Good luck to all of those competing! Check in next week for the U14 State Championship Results along with the U12/10/8 Results from the Holiday Valley Giant Slalom.