On Tuesday, Aug. 6, the towns of Ellicottville and Concord historical societies came together for a great event!
After a lunch catered by Apple Dumplin, featuring pulled pork and beef on weck, members got a VIP tour of the Mercantile, Heritage Building, Carriage House and newly renovated Warner Museum in Springville.
Joel Maul, Dave Batterson, Jenny Burkhalter, Jeff Mahl and Bob and Betty Whitehead guided members with engaging stories, as well as how such a great campus — including the Lucy Bensley Center — was accomplished by a community of our size.
Joyce Abbot, Jean Maul, Thom and Elly Mohr, Julie Kazmark, Laurie Muhlbauer and Bob Rung were also there to make sure everyone was comfortable and well-fed.
The Ellicottville members were particularly impressed with how much was created in a relatively short time, and with no grant money. Of course, it was all due to our outstanding CHS volunteers with thousands of hours of labor, donations of materials and the incredible financial support of many in the community.
The event was so successful, that plans are already underway to invite other area historical societies to join Concord in a similar gathering for 2020!