Photo by Alex Simmons
Homemade wooden gifts are available this holiday season at The Busy “B” inside of Jenn-Co Construction at 649 East Main St. in Springville, but they’re only open until Christmas and then closed till spring.

By Alex Simmons

The Busy “B” inside of Jenn-Co Construction, located at 649 East Main St. in Springville, is now open for the holiday season.

“I was sick of seeing scrap wood being thrown away, so instead of throwing it out I would turn it into something beautiful,” said Jennifer Donahue, owner of Jenn-Co Construction and The Busy “B.”

The Busy “B” opened Nov. 16 and will only be open until Christmas.

“The Busy ‘B’ is a seasonal store, but I will be accepting online and custom orders by messaging me through The Busy “B” Facebook page,” Donahue said.

The Busy “B” features signs, games and decor of your favorite sports teams, holidays and everyday items. There is something for everyone to be found in this cute and creative shop.

Donahue credits her husband, Jonathon, for making The Busy “B” possible, “as he is just as involved in the store as me and I couldn’t do it without him.”

Most of Donahue’s ideas for the products she makes comes from other artists, her daughter who is a graphic designer and from how she chooses to decorate her own home. All of the pieces are done by her, with the help of her husband.

With the opening of The Busy “B” and its Facebook page, Donahue said she has gained 15,000 “hits,” and the response to the store has been amazing.

“The people are the backbone of why I am here,” she added.

Donahue believes in the idea of “repurposing.” With all of the scrap wood leftover from her construction business, why not “make something pretty of it?” she said.

As for future plans? “Keep an eye out for what’s happening next!”

The Busy “B” is open every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. until Christmas and will reopen in the spring.
You can contact The Busy “B” through their Facebook page, Busy B Design. The Busy “B” is located at 649 East Main St. in Springville.