By Derek M.Otto

Traveling to the Fall Festival in Ellicottville?  Sixty years ago, you would have traveled through the village of Springville to go south to Ellicottville.  This photo is the corner of Pearl and Main Streets in Springville, NY, circa 1945. The mobile gas station was the first of many in the village.  The house next door was torn down in the 1950s to build an Atlantic gas station.

Note the street signs say Junction of Routes 219 and 240. Route 219 once passed through our Main Street between Buffalo Street and Elk. It followed up Elk Street to Cattaraugus Street and then over the Blue Bridge (sort of the way Route 240 follows today).

Where would you stop and shop when there was no Wal-Mart on that route?  Main Street, Springville was very different in the 1940s and 1950s. You had at least five gas and service stations.  Springville was a mecca for small grocers, having two Danahy-Faxon stores, an A & P, Red and White and Benzings market.  

With the completion of the high level bridge in 1956, Route 219 followed Cascade Drive to Ellicottville.