Photo by Jamie Dickinson
The senior girls group sings the National Anthem Saturday during Springville-Griffith Institute High School’s graduation ceremony for the Class of 2019.

By Alex Simmons

The senior class at Springville-Griffith Institute High School took their next step towards their future Saturday, June 29 and their final step out the door of a school district they loved, grew and learned in.
Graduating high school is a big deal. As soon as you walk out of that door, the whole world is in the palm of your hands and you have to decide what you want to do with it.
In the Salutatorian Address, Abigail Stressinger expressed that, “High school is just the beginning and now we will continue on the paths we so choose.” Stressinger makes the point to her class that, in some way, “we have all impacted each other’s high school story.”
Whether it was sitting next to a fellow classmate in class, or passing by each other in the hallway, each one of them helped to form their own high school story and now they would continue to develop their story onto bigger and greater things. Whether it be college or starting your career path, each one of them are writing their story one day at a time.
In the Valedictorian’s Address, Amy Stabell compared her class to chickens. Amy raises chickens and helps them grow, and in a way that’s the story of how we develop over time.
The chickens start as tiny chicks, she said, and soon enough, “They grew up into full size chickens without you even noticing it.”
“We are the chickens,” Amy said. Now, these “full-size chickens” are ready to take on what lies ahead of them and maybe take some “risks.”
The guest speaker and Distinguished Alumni Tim Kellner is a filmmaker, photographer and music composer and within his speech talked about how sometimes you just need to “take risks.”
Kellner has traveled the world doing what he loves and explains that by just taking one risk “can lead you to what you’re passionate about.”
Kellner has traveled extensively to 30 countries around the world, filming and doing what he loves and even if he “had failed countless times” he explains to the graduating class that its “all part of the process.”
The Presentation of Awards was given by James E. Bialasik, High School Principal and Joseph DeMartino, High School Assistant Principal recognizing students for their individual accomplishments.
The Presentation of the Class Gift was given by Mike Sobota to Kimberly Moritz, Superintendent of Schools. With that, Moritz expressed to the parents or guardians of the graduates that their one job is “to love them and it’s someone else’s job to figure out how they will turn out.”
One word of advice given from Moritz going back to what Kellner had stated that “taking risks” might turn out better than you thought, so “don’t be afraid to go in a different direction.”
Following was the Presentation of Diplomas given by Jennifer Sullivan, Vice President of the Board of Education, Moritz and James E. Bialasik, High School Principal.
The Declaration of Commencement was given by Bialasik, and concluding the ceremony was the farewell given by Jarrett Wolf, Senior Class President and Master of Ceremonies.
Finally, the moment had come for the Turning of the Tassels, and the graduates were officially done with their high school career, never leaving behind the memories that had come with their time at Springville.
Congratulations to the Springville-Griffith Institute High School Class of 2019!