By Carlee Frank

Approximately three billion pizzas are sold in the United States each year, which means 100 acres of pizza is eaten each day — that’s about 350 slices per second!

Pizza was brought to America by Italian immigrants in the early 1900s. It was then spurred on by American soldiers returning from World War II who craved the cheesy delicacy they had tasted in Italy. Finally, it was commercialized in response to popular demand by suburban America in the 1950s.

From there, pizzerias popped up all over America — in cities, suburbs and small towns. Springville is graced with our very own pizzeria at 385 South Cascade Drive.

Tim and Bonnie’s Pizza opened nearly 11 years ago by Tim and Bonnie Garey. Tim has been in the pizza business since childhood and Tim and Bonnie’s of Springville is his fourth pizzeria. They serve pizza — of course — as well as subs, wings, French fries and many other items. Garey said it’s all food easy to eat while bowling.

Tim and Bonnie’s is not just a pizzeria but also a bowling alley. When Garey purchased the property in 2007, Cascade Lanes was simply the adjacent building in need of repair. After years of prodding by customers, he entered the bowling industry.

“It was a whole different animal for me — I mean, I’ve been in the pizza business my whole life, then I opened that door one day and said, ‘alright I’m going to give it a go,’” Garey said.

While there was a lot of learning involved, he mentioned his favorite part is getting to see the high school bowling teams from Springville and Cattaraugus compete, because both use Cascade Lanes for home meets.

His appreciation for the bowling industry led him to add a bowling alley to the Tim and Bonnie’s location in Ellicottville as well. His daughter, Tiffany Garey, runs the Ellicottville location now and has been very successful.

Tim and Bonnie’s is very much a family business. Growing up, Garey would help in his stepfather’s pizzeria and, at 16 years old, his older brothers purchased their own pizzeria and called it Blasdell Pizza. A few years later, when his eldest brother stepped down as owner, Garey took over. He and his brothers went on to open two other locations in Hamburg and Fredonia.

In fact, Tim and Bonnie’s was originally a Blasdell Pizza. However, due to changes from the original recipes in the other three locations, Garey separated himself from Blasdell Pizza and changed the Springville location to Tim and Bonnie’s Pizza.

Garey is very committed to the original recipes that Western New York fell in love with at Blasdell Pizza, so he continues to use them to this day. In order to maintain consistency, he said he also weighs and portions all of the ingredients in his food.

Tim and Bonnie’s also sells gluten free pizza made from Vin-Chet dough, and he tries to keep the prices affordable.
“Some people think, ‘Oh, it’s gluten free, I can charge like $20’ but in my mind that’s wrong — it’s not your fault you can’t eat regular pizza,” Garey said.

Another popular meal from Tim and Bonnie’s are the fish frys. While more Ellicottville-based customers buy fish frys, he noted, he is hoping to get the word out to Springville. He said he’s been working on the recipe and thinks they have one of the best fish frys around.

Bonnie Garey — who Tim said was instrumental in the success of Tim and Bonnie’s — has been battling thyroid cancer for the last three years, but Garey said she is on the upswing. Many customers ask about the “Bonnie to Tim and Bonnie’s,” he said, laughing, so it’s important for the community to know she is feeling better.

If you are in the mood for a delicious slice of pizza at a family owned business, stop by Tim and Bonnie’s Pizza Sunday through Wednesday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Or check out their Facebook page and website for more information.