By Derek M. Otto

The Village of Springville Board of Trustees held its regular meeting on Monday, May 1.

During her report, Liz Melock announced that the Village of Springville was awarded a NYS Department of Transportation grant that will allow the village to enhance its pedestrian and bicycle traffic.  The proposed project will allow for bicycle paths, improved sidewalks and even solar powered bicycle pumps. The areas of the village to benefit will be Newman Street, Maple Avenue, Franklin Street, Woodward Avenue and Buffalo Street.   

According to Mayor Krebs, the DOT created this grant project to help reduce pedestrian and cyclist injuries across the state.  Melock stated that a public meeting on the project will be held in the early fall after the official contracts have been signed. The $600,000 grant covers 80 percent of the proposed cost.  The village would cover the other 20 percent, which works out to be $120,000.

Superintendent of Public Works Ken Kostnowiak announced that the fire department has moved in to the addition at 65 Franklin Street.  It will be about three more weeks before the Sheriff’s Department will move into their section.  Kostnowiak asked for a resolution to bid for a new truck for the streets division and also a resolution to surplus the older vehicle that would be replaced.   He also announced that the Village of Springville received an increase in CHIPS funding; the increase of over $10,000 will help cover the costs of paving Buffalo Street, North Street and various oil and chipping of streets in the village.  Last year, the village received about $90,000 in CHIPS funding; this year the amount is $104,050.

Officer-in-Charge Nick Budney reported that the Springville Police Department responded to 198 calls, covered 50 shifts and made 77 citations during the month of April.  He also thanked Liz Melock for her assistance in helping him write several police-related grants.

Code enforcement Officer Mike Kaleta asked the board to approve two vending licenses to local food trucks.  The board approved the vending licenses of Cruising Crepes and Jake and the Fatman BBQ.  The planning board is looking to create specific policies for food trucks; currently, the food trucks have to pay the $150 vendor license fee in the village.

Kaleta asked the board to look at Vehicle and Traffic Law 180-31.   The law dictates that there will be no left turns out of M & T Bank and Community Bank onto Buffalo Street.  He said that the original purpose of the no left turns is no longer valid and it is not enforced. He also discussed no turning left on Main and Waverly and onto Main Street from Gentner’s Auction.

Kaleta updated the board on 110 South Central; he noted that all correspondence relating to liens on the property have been received.  He reminded the board that the public hearing for demolition is set for May 15.

Alan Chamberlain explained to the board that the recent control center hire did not work out.  He asked the board to approve Alicia Venture to fill the position.

In trustee comments, Nils Wikman was approached by village residents that there have been issues with drones flying around houses.  Residents are concerned about privacy issues and what regulations the village has. Krebs stated that, “There is little that can be done.  The FAA mandates that certain drones be registered.   The village can only regulate on public property such as parks.   Drones really should not be flying below four hundred feet on private property.”

Trustee Terry Skelton remarked on going to the recent Opioid Symposium. “It was very good; however, it looks like there is no easy fix to this problem.”  He said that the Springville Service Commission will approach local doctors on administering drugs to overcome overdoses.  The goal is to increase the current number of doctors that are able to treat overdoses.

In closing, Krebs said that he attended the TIPS training, which was to better inform local servers of alcohol on best practices.  He noted that it was very successful.   He thanked the fire department for moving its trucks to 65 Franklin on Saturday, April 29. He also thanked the DPW and Fire Department for the assistance during bad weather on Monday, May 1.

The next Village of Springville Board meeting is on Monday, May 15, at 7 p.m. at 65 Franklin Street.