By Alicia Dziak

Each year, the high school’s Student Council President is tasked with many things, including attending the monthly school board meetings and sitting among the board members.

High school principal James Bialasik explained that the Student Council President is chosen by the entire student body each year by popular vote. This year, the position is held by senior Amy Stabell. “That office holds the responsibility (and opportunity) to serve as the student representative on the Board of Education,” he said.

“I have a lot of love for Springville High School and a passion to be involved in all that it has to offer,” said Stabell. “I can describe this place in no other way than truly being my home. Naturally, I want to do what I can to make my home the best place it can be for everyone here, and, in running for student council president, I hoped I’d have a voice as that I could use to make an impact here, to leave a positive mark where there wasn’t one before. I also wanted to take it as an opportunity to grow as a person and serve and work alongside the people that make this school as amazing as it already is. I’ve already made wonderful connections that I would not have had without this opportunity.”

Stabell, who came into the position having been class vice president during her freshman, sophomore and junior years of high school, said her past experience included direct involvement in student council, as well as various other leadership positions.

“Throughout high school, I have tried my best to be a reliable person worthy of responsibility,” she said.  “I have earned myself positions such as sports team captain that pushed me to be a good leader. Outside of these positions, I think it is even more important to live your life honestly in a way that invites people to trust you. Attempts at having a genuine character have allowed me the privilege of people’s respect, and through this connection, I hope I have become someone who can lead in a positive way. I have always tried to take on many responsibilities simultaneously in high school, so I believe I will be able to carry out the responsibilities of this position with the dedication I have learned from the past years of intense involvement in classes and school activities.”

Stabell has several goals as this year’s Student Council President. “As president, my main goals focus on three concepts my fellow officers and I established at our first meeting together. We deemed most important the ideas of impact, involvement,  action, and communication,” she explained. “My purpose anywhere that I am involved is to always impact, to change people’s lives in even the smallest of ways. If there are ways I can impact the student body, individual peers, teachers and staff, or the school as a whole, I will do my best to leave positivity in my path for them. Involvement encompasses our hopes for getting students excited and spirited about their school and community. Many students are motivated and ready for opportunity, but there is no reason that we should not find the spark of interest in everyone. We hope to involve as many students in school activities (new and old) as we can. Speaking of action, my fellow officers and I intend to speak about and plan our ideas, but most importantly, take action and get things done with efficiency. Lastly, communication is the only way to achieve any of these goals- we must have everyone organized and on board and ensure that our student council and student body are well informed and directly involved.”

Stabell also looks forward to being the student representative at school board meetings.

“As the student representative at board meetings, I am in an entirely new environment and it is hard to know what to expect until I get my feet wet, but most simply, my role seems no more complicated than a representative, as the title implies,” she noted. “I feel that I serve as a face to symbolize the student body at the site of action and decision making of our schools. The position is humbling, and I hope to make contributions where necessary when an issue may require student opinion. Working closely with the members of the Board of Education also creates the opportunity to form relationships with role models for me and other students.”

Stabell thinks the biggest challenge in the roles of student council president and student representative on the board of education is to live up to those who have come before her. “While I have been involved in student council, I have looked up to the student in this position,” she said. “I always remember the impacts left by the brave difference makers that have preceded me. I think very highly of Isobel Hooker and Andrew Lazarus (who held the position in the last two school years), both using their unique personalities to bring to our student council and school all the new ideas they dreamed up. Their characters made them stand out in ways I admire and take on their responsibilities without hesitation. I aspire to fill their shoes.”

While Stabell says that her plans beyond high school are “largely uncertain,” her interests currently lie in the fields of agricultural and environmental engineering. “I hope to pursue these interests at a college where I can get as involved as I am in high school and always move in an upward direction,” she said.


Editor’s note: After our interview with Ms. Stabell, the following information appeared on the SGI school website:

Over 1.6 million students in about 22,000 high schools entered the 2019 National Merit Scholarship Program by taking the 2017 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT). From that group, the highest scoring entrants in each state, representing less than 1 percent of each state’s high school seniors are named, Semi-Finalists. The list of 16,000 semi-finalists from across the nation are published each fall by the National Merit Scholarship Program. We are so proud to have Senior, Amy Stabell, named to this prestigious group from Springville High School. Amy is the first semi-finalist that Springville has had since 2014. Amy will be submitting her credentials to apply to become a finalist in this competition over the coming weeks.