By Ely Schosek

SGI Student Reporter

Members of the SGI community will see a new face this school year around all four district schools—Jackie Feggans, the new school resource officer (SRO).

Feggans was raised in the City of Buffalo and graduated from Cardinal O’Hara High School in the Town of Tonawanda. He has been with the Erie County Sheriff’s office for 16 months. Although this is Feggans first time in this specific position, he has held a similar one in where he dealt with older children and young adults as a Campus Public Safety Officer for Suny Erie City Campus.

As an SRO, his job is to, “educate, mentor, and to promote a safe educational environment.” Feggans explained that he also addresses concerns in regard to loitering and speeding in school zones as part of his job. “When I can build trust as an SRO, it makes the school safer. Students are more comfortable talking to me about an array of things that may prevent a potential future situation from occurring,” he said.

When asked what he feels the most important part of his job is, Feggans answered simply, “safety.” “I think it is very important to have an SRO; it increases the overall safety of the school. It is also an opportunity to create a positive relationship between students/staff and the Sheriff’s Department,” he stated. “An SRO can educate students on the consequences of unacceptable behavior, both in school and in the community while educating students in crime prevention and personal safety.”

Feggans said that he visits all four school buildings in the district daily to “check in with the administration and staff on any concerns or issues they may have.” He also enjoys mingling with the students to see how their day is going, while reminding them that if they need to talk, he has an office in every building or they can have a teacher request him.

“One of the reasons I became an SRO was to not only be an agent of law enforcement in the school, but also a positive role model and mentor for the children and helping them achieve their goals and dreams,” Feggans said. “I want to promote a positive image of law enforcement and maintain a safe learning environment.”

When asked what his favorite part of his job is, Feggans replied, “I enjoy hanging out with the kids and listening to what they want to do in life and being able to help them achieve their goals.” He described himself as, “approachable, hardworking, and compassionate.”

Seeing as Feggans is new to the Springville schools and community, it felt befitting to ask what he liked most about the area in the time he has been here. “The people and the tight-knit community,” he answered. Feggans would like to thank the school and community for the warm welcome that he has received and added that he looks forward to a great school year!