By Rich Place

A new eatery will soon be making its way to the Springville area, but this one has four wheels and will come and go as it pleases.

Local resident Robyn Tyler is ready to open MooCheesy, a food truck dedicated to making gourmet burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches, and will be making appearances in the village soon. It’ll cap a summer of working on the truck and getting it ready for road.

A U.S. Navy veteran, Tyler entered the corporate world before downsizing forced her to look for a new job earlier this year. As she searched for a new awning for her camper on Craigslist in the spring, a food truck for sale caught her eye.

Before she knew it, she was driving a former mail truck back from Dayton, Ohio and quickly found her summer’s work: transforming the truck into a vehicle that didn’t deliver mail but instead delivers burgers and grilled cheese.

“There’s a lot more than I thought was going to go into it,” she admitted, standing beside her truck. “But it was a lot of fun.”

With a lot of help from family — including her brother, Kris — work began with sanding the truck down and painting it before stripping out the inside.

“We’ve run electricity, we’ve run water, we put up the stainless steel walls,” she said. “We put the hood in and the window in.” The truck is wired now like a house, she said, complete with a breaker box and regular outlets. It’s powered via a generator that is strapped on.

To get creative with the necessity of building a kitchen inside a small space, custom cabinets were put in.

“It’s really been a lot of fun creating this, designing it and coming up with a menu,” Tyler said. “I have a notebook at home with probably 20 different layouts trying to make it the most user friendly.”

As the truck was being renovated, a tastier aspect of the process was also being conducted throughout the summer: perfecting a menu. Tyler’s first degree is in culinary arts, something she is now revisiting with this business.

As she and members of her family worked on the vehicle, lunch breaks consisted many times of potential menu items.

“Every day at lunch time I would cook something else and my brother and I would taste test it,” she said.

The food truck will offer freshly ground brisket burgers, with the signature burger consisting of caramelized onions with a homemade steak sauce. There will also be other burgers like bacon and blue cheese, mushroom swiss and a regular cheeseburger and double cheeseburger.

The plan for the menu originally began with grilled cheeses, which will also be part of the options.

That signature dish, she said, will be a grilled cheese with sourdough bread and muenster cheese, caramelized onions and sauteed spinach. There will also be a sweet and spicy jalapeno grilled cheese with blackberry jam as well as a glazed donut grilled cheese, among others.

Tyler hopes to begin serving food during some lunch runs very soon and she prepares for a grand opening celebration at 5 p.m. Oct. 5 at 13381 Mortons Corners Road. Then she’ll be all around downtown Springville, with updates on her Facebook and Instagram pages, she said.

Plus, she plans not to let the snow and cold stop her.

“I’m going to try and run as much as I can in the wintertime,” she said. “I’ve set everything up so my pipes won’t freeze.”

MooCheesy is part of the Erie County Thank a Vet program, as all active, reserves, guard and veterans get a 15 percent discount on their purchases with their ID or Thank a Vet card, Tyler said.

For more information on MooCheesy, search for it on Facebook and Instagram.