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Photo by Alex Simmons
The Blue Herren Music Studio offers multi-instrumental and vocal lessons for interested musicians of all ages, skill levels and styles.

By Alex Simmons

Blue Herren Music Studio, owned by Lydia Herren, is a multi-instrument and vocal studio taught by different musical instructors.

Located in Springville, the studio is open to teach a “variety of ages, skill levels, and styles.”

“I had been teaching music lessons in the area for a number of years and when the opportunity arose to take over the studio space” Herren said. She took it.

At Blue Herren Music Studio, there are many music instructors who offer multiple instrument lessons.

Herren teaches violin and vocals, alongside her fellow musicians, including Nick Kody, acoustic and electric guitar; Charlie Porter, who teaches piano; and Derek Miller, drums.

Herren had first come up with the idea for the logo due to her last name. She had been “working on ideas for the business name and liked the play on words,” she said.

According to Herren, she had wanted to incorporate a treble clef within a blue heron bird, and the logo was born. Her friend “Diane Sypniewski provided the stylized version,” she said.

Charlie Porter, has been playing piano since he was 6, “or about 30 years ago,” he said. “My mom had made me play piano, but eventually it was more fun than difficult.”

When teaching students, Porter said he really enjoys “how much the students teach him.” He likes to see the different perspectives of music each student has, and how they teach him these points of view along the way.

Porter said he enjoys playing “funky stuff.” He likes playing music that is out of the ordinary like funk and rock, but also enjoys the compositions of Beethoven.

If interested in piano lessons, you can contact Porter at

Derek Miller has been playing the drums for about 17 years or so.

“I grew up around percussion,” he said. Both his “godfather and father were drummers.”

Most of Miller’s friends had played guitar and all around enjoyed playing music, so to have a good time he learned to play the drums, because “there weren’t a lot of drummers around.” Miller said he likes to play everything, but gravitates toward rock music, since he had grown up listening to it.

When teaching, he likes to see how “students slowly progress toward their goal to become better,” he said.

Miller believes that “the instrument chooses you.” So, if you are starting out with playing an instrument with enough time and practice, you’ll slowly learn to love what you’re doing when making music.

You can contact Miller at 440-2385 or info

On a personal note, I have been taking vocal lessons with Herren for the past five years and have recently started taking piano lessons with Porter. My brother has been taking drum lessons with Miller.

We have both grown in our musical abilities and our love for making music.

To see more of Blue Herren Music in the Springville community, they will be participating in the Art Crawl on May 4 with an open house.

Some of the instructors will be performing outside the studio. More lessons will be offered soon, coming in July and August.

If interested in any of the following lessons or additional information, contact Herren at